3 Digital Side Hustles Which Can Boost Your Income So You Can Live Your Best Life

Side hustles can be incredibly lucrative, or a complete waste of time. Here are some of the best digital side hustles!

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If you’re anything like me, your parents probably pushed you to go to school. To get good grades, go to college, and start a career. But, like many, that life simply was not calling my name. So, after years of college and changing majors, I decided to ‘take a break’ and I never went back.

I had ended up stuck in the same industry I got my start in at the ripe age of 16. The restaurant industry. By the age of 24 I was a manager for the food and beverage department at a luxury hotel brand. And it was the most miserable, unappreciative, soul-sucking job I had ever had. My coworkers kept me going, but the late nights, early mornings, holidays, and everything in between was my own personal nightmare. Then I was introduced to a direct sales company. While a direct sales company is not one of the digital side hustles I will be talking about today, it was the catalyst to where I am now.

My favorite of the digital side hustles: Course Creator

Being a course creator is one of the most lucrative of the digital side hustles. Especially if you have specific knowledge about a niche topic. Things like blogging, podcasting, and marketing are incredibly hot right now. As well as profitable since they are sort of a new age concept.

As a course creator, you would compile your knowledge about a specific topic and then people would buy it. The biggest benefit is that you can do the work once, and get paid possibly forever on that one subject!

However, as much fun as course creating can be there is a lot of work to prepare for this one. You will likely not be able to create a course and begin selling it immediately.

First you have to create a brand.

In order to be successful in anything online, you have to create a cohesive brand. Brand increase the consumers like, know and trust factor. What does this mean for you? It means that you can create a following of people that want everything you’re promoting!

One of the ways to do that is to pick brand colors, images, image styles, your manner of speech, and the topics you will talk about. This is necessary for all of the side hustles. A great way to get started is with picking 3-6 colors, 3-6 topics you will regularly talk about, as well as 3-6 scripts you will use on your brand imagery. You can find a unique and wonderful script font online so that your branding stands out!

Become an influencer!

As for side hustles, I think this one is a no-brainer. There is zero cost to start or maintain, as most of the information is readily available and all you need is a creator or business account on social media. While you still need clear branding and imagery, you can start getting free products easily with an app like Influenster.

Of course, there are plenty of course creators selling you on how to become an influencer, how to create awesome branding, as well as how to master social media, but none of that is entirely mandatory for this side hustle to work. Without complicated technical things, or even a huge following, you can become an influencer right away!

What you do need is a specific niche, clear branding, and an engaged following. If you have that and are great at social media, you can start asking brands to work with you by either getting a free product or getting paid to promote a product/service/etc. You do need to be sure you follow FTC Guidelines as well!

Start freelancing!

Do you have specific knowledge in a particular skill that you know is sought after? Then freelancing might be for you! Join a site like Fiverr and set up a gig selling your specific skill and you’re set! Whether you know how to optimize websites, create compelling headlines, or awesome graphics, you can sell your skills!

People will pay for any number of skills, proofreading and creating a Facebook banner included, and if you can do that, you can offer your services for a fee. Of the side hustles this is great for someone that is not interested in a huge commitment to anyone. The previous two require a fan base and clear branding, and for you to show up for your audience.

Freelancing requires these things as well, but if you possess the unique skill or knowledge, you won’t have a difficult time growing your customer base. People always want to do things the easy way! So if hiring you saves them time, money, and frustration, you’re set! Then you only need to complete the projects as they come up.

Which of these side hustles is your favorite?

I would love to know! Just be sure to even briefly create a brand for yourself. Grab a unique script font online, a few colors that stand out, and maybe even a tagline for yourself!

Side hustles are the new career move, as many traditional jobs are falling short of what society needs today. If you are one of those that agree with me, then get started on getting extra cash today!

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