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Attraction Marketing For Beginners

What is attraction marketing and how you can implement it to increase your income streams.

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***I am not an expert, please refer to your businesses, governments, state, country and etc. regulations and guidelines about how you are allowed to market yourself, company and etc.***

*Karen is hypothetical*

Like many, I started my direct sales company with the idea that I was going to be in control of my future and that of my family. While I still am, and I have every belief in my company that I am a part of, there came a point where I decided I was working really hard and I wanted to work smart instead.

There’s a lot of noise out there today. Attraction marketing is the ‘work smarter not harder’ methodology.

I fell into attraction marketing by happenstance. At first I only saw the opportunity again, not the work involved. And while it still is a lot of work, it ended up being a double passion for me and extra sources of income.

Essentially attraction marketing is attracting your perfect prospects to you. It sounds perfect and it sounds so simple. Create free content for your perfect prospect so that they want what you’ve got. Once I got started I fell down the rabbit hole though, there’s so much to learn!

Who is your perfect prospect?

There are many things to consider when referring to this question. First off, what is it that is your main thing you’re trying to promote and who would be interested in it. That is the most obvious answer to the question.

However, you’re going to want to dive down into the significantly more specific elements of this question. For more reference into the business aspect please read my post Help! Starting My Own Business! where I talk more about targeting that audience.

For the purposes today I want you to think about EXACTLY who it is that you want to attract to you, hence attraction marketing.

It’s not enough for me to say that my perfect prospect is a mom who wants to stay at home with her children. Why? Because I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and neither are you.

I specifically reach an audience that enjoys things that I enjoy, eating healthy, exercise, mental health, ‘momming’, reading, traveling, and entrepreneurship. Typically they’re also going to be other moms because I feature my children often but not all the time. Sometimes they’re going to have their own home business but not all the time. It sounds like a lot of people to attract, but that’s why I chose a lifestyle blog not specifically a mom blog or any other type.

That works for me because I have multiple streams of income in place and I want to attract to different audiences for different reasons. Which is fine, if it’s all cohesive. It is, mostly because it’s all things that I am interested in.

You have to be careful here though because just because it is interesting or important to you, doesn’t mean that it will to everyone. You have to remember you’re trying to attract people to you so think about what people want to hear not just what you want to say/sell/promote.

Ok, so who is your perfect prospect then? That entirely depends on you, but get real specific.

What are you trying to promote? Is it your product or your opportunity? For myself, I focus heavily on my opportunity because I want my money to work for me. Not that I don’t love my product or what I offer but I personally am passionate more about the opportunity, hence why I joined. Some people joined their company because they love the product and that’s fine too. For myself I fell in love with entrepreneurship because it filled a need in my life to pursue my creative passions and not be constrained by ‘normal’ societal expectations.

I’ve always been a little anti-social. I also don’t like being told what to do or have someone to answer to. If I have to shoulder all the burden or blame sometimes, it’s ok because I control that. Maybe I’m just a control freak. But that means that I should be looking for people that identify with all of that.

You’re not going to appeal to everyone, and you’re not going to want everyone either.

Someone very wise said that they would not push the opportunity on someone they wouldn’t want to share a hotel room with. Why? Because that is the reality in many of these companies, that you’re going to attend conventions or earn exclusive trips. What does that mean? That your recruit is going to be yours.

If you’re not inclined to take ownership of who that person is, what they do, how they are, then don’t pursue them. What you have is awesome and everyone is lucky if you ask them, that’s how you need to look at it. So really put a face, a name, a lifestyle, an outfit, a car and a home to your perfect prospect. Is it only going to be moms named Karen who have brown hair, two kids and a minivan? That’s fine! But think about it.

Where does Karen hang out?

Is Karen only a Facebook user? Attraction marketing only works if you’re utilizing the right platform. Does she live for Instagram posts where not a hair is out of place and you have every hashtag that she follows? Or is she ‘on trend’ and on TikTok already?

Ask yourself how you found your way to my site. If you’ve spent hours reading all about how to increase your sales and engagement blogging might be for you. Did you find me on Facebook? Take my Home Business Quiz for more direction if you’re not entirely sure where you should be focusing.

It’s only as complicated as you make it. Or maybe how complicated you are. Think about your dreams for yourself and your business and start with the most obvious platform and build from there.

Curate a ‘freebie’, create content and provide value.

First, what does Karen want most in life? Simply put, what do you want most in life?

I want personal and financial freedom so that I can provide for my family well without sacrificing time with them. How would I get that and what would make me click something knowing what I want?

Things that say, work smarter not harder for instance are incredibly appealing to me. If you tell me I can make money while I’m on vacation with my family, I’m all over it. Tell me I can have the flexibility to work when I want and how I want then I’m all ears. Changing your freebie from time to time is ok too! Until you find one that’s perfect. It’s my door opener, my conversation starter, and it’s providing value.

What is your deepest desire with your business? Again, is it because you wanted a way to lose weight and still eat whatever you want? If you want flawless skin and access to incredible makeup for less money then you should use that as a starting point. Again refer to my business post for more direction in this area if needed.

How do you create content that is valuable?

Use your starting point, what are you promoting, who are you promoting to and where do they hang out? I’m a writer so I chose a blog, I promote my opportunity so I curate freebies for entrepreneurial-minded moms, they hang out on Facebook and Instagram so my posts appeal to them.

If you are someone that watches Youtube all day, then you’re going to want to create a channel there. If you’re promoting your product show them the benefits (always stay in compliance with your businesses policies and FTC Regulations and etc.).

Say skincare and makeup is your thing, show them how to apply different masks for combination skin or explain the benefits of cleaning makeup brushes but be careful not to make any claims. As in, show a side by side comparison of using a clean brush to apply foundation as opposed to one caked up with makeup. Again, I’m not an expert.

Brand yourself not your company.

You’re attracting people that want to buy you, not just what you’re selling otherwise they’d go to a store. Even then, people are more inclined to buy from companies they believe in because of standards they have or things they promote.

Using Starbucks as an example, Starbucks does so well because they have a standard that people like, know and trust. I’m not a Starbucks expert but I was a manager at one of their franchise locations and this is my interpretation of the company.

They buy coffee from locally sourced farmers who are treated ethically, they pick the best coffee beans through rigorous checks and balances, and they have standardized a business model that means people know what they’re getting no matter what Starbucks they visit.

This appeals to the younger generation who believe in ethically sourced goods, high quality food and beverage, and high quality customer/consumer experience. Starbucks is the company but when you’re in a Starbucks you’re going to gravitate to what appeals to you.

All of this combines to convey that you’re a representative of your company similarly to how a barista only represents Starbucks. Your company is the thing, how you sell it is how you are selling yourself.

I was a bar tender and a server for many years, I had a personal brand that spoke to certain customers and not others, don’t shy away from that! Embrace it and combine it with your company’s values and what they’re promoting.

Building like know and trust means you gotta get real.

Sometimes really real, sometimes only kinda real. People like authenticity, especially now. What’s important to your authentic self?

Brands that are ethically sourced appeals to people that like that kind of thing. My direct sales company recycles and plants trees, donates to women’s cancers and to ending domestic violence. This appeals to me because I believe in the taking care of the environment, I come from a broken home and my family has a history of cancer.

I just got real with you and you either liked it or you didn’t. If you did, cool, if not, also cool. I’m looking for people that I wouldn’t mind sharing a hotel room with, people I wouldn’t mind getting real with. I want to curate relationships and lifelong friends, if you can’t handle my authenticity then you’re not meant for me.

This means, get on your social media platforms and your preferred channel for creating material and talk like you would a friend. Don’t shy away from being yourself because your in this game to attract your kind of people to you and you can only accomplish that if you’re being true to yourself and the kind of people that relate to you.

If you relate to me join my group on Facebook where I get more in-depth with attraction marketing and how to be a business owner as well as a stay at home mom.


This is where things get ‘complicated’. Where else does Karen hang out? How can you get her interested in what you have, what you have to say? What is the best way to introduce yourself to her?

It’s not enough to get these people in your space if all you have are a bunch of friends! How do you engage with your perfect prospects so that they want what you have and you make money?

Finally, how can you create multiple streams of income that are all collecting money for you on autopilot?

Maybe you’ve heard of this, maybe you haven’t but I can tell you I have spent years pouring through tons (seriously tons) of information from every ‘guru’ I could find.

What does this mean for you? It means that you don’t have to spin your wheels like I did!

Let me put you on the fast track to success so you don’t have to waste years of time like I did! Learn from the absolute experts at Clickbank if you’d like to learn all about affiliate marketing and how to promote your own product like a pro.

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