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Benefits of Protein Powder and the Multi-Purposeful One I Love!

Benefits of Protein Powder and the most delicious peanut-buttery goodness that is multi-purposeful and amazing!

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I’ve always been muscular. Growing up I was often teased for it but now I’ve learned to love it. They help me carry my children both in and outside of my belly. And they helped my body bounce back after having had my children.

I talk often about the benefits of meditation and releasing fear and anger, but working out is a huge part of that. The more you work out though the more healthy protein you need to regenerate and build up the muscles you just put a strain on. That is by far one of the best benefits of protein powder!

That’s why I love PBFit.

For starters, I’m all about ease of application. If something takes too many steps or requires too much set up and clean up, I’m out. This wasn’t always the case, but having two kids under two will do that to anyone. So one of the benefits of protein powder is that it is easy to use, just shake with some water.

I’m also a huge fan of peanut butter! Don’t quote me on this, I’m not an expert but from what I remembered being pregnant with my first, eating peanut products regularly reduces the chance of your kids having a peanut allergy. Again, I’m no expert but neither of my kids have peanut allergies yet.

Yes, I am absolutely an over-thinker. Not every mom scours the internet the first time they want to eat something with peanuts in it when they’re pregnant, but I did, and I’m so glad that I did! The benefits of protein powder are more than I initially realized.

Benefits of Protein Powder.

  • Weight Management.
    • Having a good snack after a workout is essential if you want to lose or manage your weight. Protein helps make you feel full longer.
  • Build Muscle.
    • Protein helps improve muscle size and actual strength. However, the benefits of protein diminish as age increases.
  • Recovery after exercise.
    • Less sore muscles! my favorite of the benefits of protein powder! Who doesn’t love that!?
  • More nutrition.
    • Well-balanced diets are the healthiest for you. Something like protein is essential to a well-balanced diet!

(These were sourced from Medical News Today)

It’s multi-purposeful!

There is nothing I love more than something that can be used for multiple things! Not only does it multiply the creativity with which you can use the item, but it decreases the amount of space necessary for all the things you’d use instead!

Some of the alternate uses for this outside of a protein shake are pancakes, cookies, Thai peanut glaze, a peanut butter nut burger, and whatever else your brain can come up with! Yes, PBFit has a peanut butter nut burger as one of the recipes you can make with it, and more! Those are some more benefits of protein powder if you choose to go that route!

Personally, I like to use it with a chocolate protein powder.

Because chocolate and peanut butter is my obsession.

Tell me! I’d love to hear how you utilize your PBFit protein powder, and if you’ve tried any of their other kinds!

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