7 Awesome Gifts to Get Your Bookworms This Year

Since I love books so much myself (and recommend so many!) here are awesome gifts for fellow bookworms.

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I think reading is good for the soul. There’s just something so satisfying about losing yourself in the pages of a book!

Books can be used to convey so many things too. Ideas, pictures, to teach, to entertain, to express oneself. That is partially why I love to recommend them, besides simply loving them myself. There is something about words written down that paints a much different picture for the reader. I think it’s part of the interpretation of them that’s fascinating, you see a book in your own mind’s eye, and it can vary for everyone.

And since I recommend so many books to my readers I thought I would do a post for what to get the bookworms in your life! Of course, if that is you, then send this list to your secret Santa! Put it on your list and set it up so you can get alerts when it’s discounted!

Bookworms Rejoice!

7. Mug Warmer

For a busy mom like myself, this is an essential gift!

6. Personalized Bookmark from Etsy.

Etsy is great to support the local craftsmen and women but there are styles available on Amazon as well, obviously. Bookworms love stationary things I hear.

5. Triangle Bookstand

So you can put your book down and not lose the page or bend the pages!

4. Blue Light Glasses

These are great for the occasional user but for the sports fan, you should grab these! These are perfect for ebook bookworms!

3. Bathtub Caddy

One day when the kids are older I will use one of these! And I’ll miss my little babies *sigh*.

2. Book Page Holder

Anyone who has ever tried to hold a George R.R. Martin book or similarly large tomes knows the impossibility of the task one-handed.

1. Amazon Book Subscription Box

For the bookworms that are sincerely obsessed (aka me).

Bonus: Line Marker

For people like me that think it’s sacrilegious to write in a book.

Tell me, what would you add to this list? If you love it be sure to send it to your gift giver this year!

And of course if you’re looking for a new book to read check out my recently published book Fireflies!

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