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Why You Should Declutter This Year For Your Mental Health!

Declutter to improve your mental health and stay safe?

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*I am not a licensed professional, if you have a problem getting rid of items speak to someone that can help*

I write this post precisely after I wasted 5 minutes on things that could be done at any other time than right now when I’m supposed to be writing this article. You could call it procrastination (and I’m inclined to agree) or you could blame it on the clutter. After the holidays there’s a lot!

According to WebMD, clutter can increase your creativity, but it can also create stress and make you more scatterbrained! With the holidays just winding down, chances are you, like me, have had an influx of clutter. So how do you declutter now that it’s all over?

Declutter before you go crazy!

No, it’s not actually that severe, although it could get there. Hoarding is a disorder in which the sufferer has consistent difficulty getting rid of items. So in the event that you find yourself incapable of getting rid of items, and it happens on a consistent enough basis, talk to a professional.

In addition to the clutter that will accumulate, it can reach dangerous levels where the occupant(s) of the home is at risk of falling, getting sick, and other such possibly fatal things. But even if you’re not at hoarder level, you can still get hurt!

That’s why it’s important to declutter before it reaches epic levels because even a few too many kids toys that don’t have a home you can trip and fall on. Plus it’s a pain to clean them all up! Which increases the likelihood of germs and dust accumulating on items like kids’ toys.

Too much clutter CAN mess with your head though.

There’s the popular idea that geniuses tend to be messy or disorganized. Like Einstein, who is said to have woken at odd hours of the night and had papers strewn about his room. While there is evidence to support that disorganization can lend itself to increased creativity, it can alternately hinder thought processes.

While I liken my organizational habits, or lack thereof, to that of Einstein. I do know that I get stressed out when it’s too crazy in my house. When you declutter your brain will be less overwhelmed. By both the physical stimuli as well as knowing where everything is.

It doesn’t get any easier either. When you have too much stuff the more the task of throwing stuff out is stressful. This means that you end up putting it off and just getting more stuff. Like how I feel with kids’ toys right now.

The nice thing to do is to declutter. Literally.

According to WebMD, being more organized might mean that you’re more generous with others. The study showed that individuals questioned in a messy room were less likely to donate to charity than those in a neat room.

PLUS when you declutter you can donate the things that you’re getting rid of! So you’re being nice by getting more organized and by donating. Get it?

How to get started?

I suggest starting with what causes you the most stress first. For me, it’s the kids’ toys. I’ve had that on my list probably since last year but it’s to the point I warned you about (lol). Separate it into four piles, keep, garbage, donate, and sell.

Work your way through your house after that! I need to go through my clothes again, after getting new things I’m sure there are some things that I could get rid of now. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you’re not likely to wear it in the next one either.

Then do your living space or office, and your kitchen. That mug that you forgot you had? Just get rid of it! The pillow you hate can go too.

Once everything is neat and clean keep up the habit and declutter as you go before it reaches epic proportions. And add in some other healthy habits while you’re at it!

Then remember to be grateful for all that you do have with this gratitude journal! Just be sure to follow me for the quote of the day! It’s a great way to keep the good vibes flowing.

Wishing you the best my friend.

8 thoughts on “Why You Should Declutter This Year For Your Mental Health!”

  1. Thank you for the great tips! This comes at an excellent time too, I was just taking down Christmas decorations which normally feels a bit sad, but it actually felt good to get back to a simpler environment. I’m definitely motivated to keep working on that!

  2. Great Post! I always struggle with letting go, especially of my clothes, but when I do, it feels so much better and I’m sure they’re used in a better way at the shelter than taking space in my closet! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for sharing these tips to declutter! I have definitely noticed I feel better and have more motivation when it’s organized and clean around me!

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