Download the first chapter of Dragonflies

The second book from Shea Hulse: mom of two, writer, inspirer, and author. Dragonflies looks at the cycles we repeat throughout our lives and the particular experience of Bridget, Declan, and Ruad, who's stories are interwoven in an unforgettable whirlwind of romance, struggle, and triumph.

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    Bridget had never considered herself special, odd definitely. Until Declan, that is. With magic, mystery, and romance involved this is a novel about discovering your hidden potential and breaking past limiting beliefs.


    Kidnapped by the Queen of Elphame, Bridget is stuck in her worst nightmare. Can her lover and her (former?) lover save her before it's too late?

    Or was she never meant to be saved?

    Things aren't always what they seem, and in a world where magic is suddenly real, Bridget and Declan are in over their heads. Is Ruad, Bridget’s mysterious savior, really only out for his gain? More questions than answers pop up in the quest to rescue Bridget, but if they don't hurry up, they will run out of time, and Bridget will be lost to them forever.


    To be continued...