How to Use EFT Tapping To Release Anxiety and Other Negative Emotions

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping was introduced to me by Gabby Bernstein and I have been using it weekly ever since!

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Everyone has things in their lives that they wish to move past or need to get out of the way so they can live their best lives. The weight of these scars can really drag you down if you let them, but how do you eliminate them? Whether it is trauma or rage, anxiety and depression, EFT Tapping is a wonderful easy method that just about anyone can do.

So what is EFT Tapping? It is tapping on different meridians on your body like acupuncture, but these are acupressure points. What is it doing? When you are tapping you are experiencing your chi flowing and your stagnant energy is being released so that they may open up to allow new energy in.

When you are opening yourself up to new energy you are unlocking emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs. Once they are out of the way the universe can send you new things to fill the void left behind from their absence. This is opening yourself up to all of the abundance the world has to offer.

So what does EFT Tapping do exactly?

When you are tapping on the different meridians in your body you are physically lowering cortisol levels in brain, otherwise known as the stress hormone. Stress has been scientifically proven to lead to more negative experiences and even illness if unaddressed.

What you’re doing when you are practicing EFT Tapping is reprogramming your brain, one neuron at a time. When you stress all of the time, you’re making negative connections in your brain stronger. Alternatively, doing a practice like EFT Tapping you are slowly making positive connections in the brain that can eventually replace the negative ones.

This process can happen with different methods too, like meditation or using positive affirmations, but tapping on the meridian points makes this technique powerful. Whether or not you believe in it will make a difference too, so be sure to have a professional you speak with to help sort out whatever you are trying to work through. But much like the proven placebo effect, if you think this method will work, then it will. It is all about taking your stress or anxiety level down.

How do you do EFT Tapping technique?

So what you do when you are tapping for stress is take a deep breath. Breathe deeply and ask yourself how stressed out you are. Remember you must take responsibility for your response! I am not a licensed professional I am only relaying this information as I have understood it.

When you tap on the meridian, you will say these things out loud that I will write below. Starting with the karate chop point or the back of your hand, say, ‘Even though I am completely and totally overwhelmed, I deeply and completely accept myself’.

Next, you will tap the eyebrow point, above the eyebrow and say, ‘This stress has been really blocking me’. Now, side of the eye, ‘This stress has been holding me back in every area of my life’. After that, under the eye and say, ‘All of this stress,’ then under the nose, ‘All of this stress is holding me back’.

Then you will tap your chin, ‘All of this stress is making me feel extremely uncomfortable,’. Go to the collarbone, ‘All this stress is making me feel like I can’t move forward with my life,’. Under the arm, ‘This stress is making me feel sick,’. Then the top of the head, ‘This stress is overwhelming me and it is scaring me.’

Repeat the process as many times as necessary eventually heading toward the positive.

You will begin the process again starting with the eyebrow and say, ‘I’m afraid of this stress,’. And then continue with these different phrases.

  • ‘I feel blocked and overwhelmed I feel like I am negatively affecting my life,’
  • ‘This stress is blocking my relationships,’
  • ‘This stress is harming my energy,’
  • ‘This stress is making me tired,’
  • ‘I am so overwhelmed by this stress,’
  • ‘I am fed up with this stress,’

Now for the positive.

When you’re moving into the positive part of EFT Tapping it’s not that your stress is gone it is that you are viewing your stress in a positive light. As you continue to tap, you can shift your energy and your mindset into why stress may be a necessary element in your life right now. Everything is about perspective! So continue to tap and say,

  • ‘I know this stress is a sign for me to wake up and heal my body,’
  • ‘I believe this stress has a greater purpose,’
  • ‘I know that I can learn from this experience, this emotional experience,’
  • ‘I feel my stress releasing now,’
  • ‘I am not my stress,’
  • ‘My stress does not control me,’
  • ‘I choose to release this stress now,’

Practice this technique as often as you think is healthy for you.

I know that since I have learned EFT Tapping I do it regularly. Sometimes I do it simply when I wake up and am in a bad mood, other times I will do it after I work out when I feel like the stress has not yet been pushed out of my system. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for encouragement!

In both instances I always listen to the woman that introduced me to this technique, Gabby Bernstein. Gabby has a wonderful story and she is so encouraging, raw, and relatable. She has a new podcast that she has recently come out with and she has even used this technique in one of her episodes, I highly suggest giving it a listen!

Either way, I hope that this technique can bring you the relief that you are looking for. For more help Gabby’s video is below and the book that she learned it from is as well. When you get a chance check both of them out!

For more mindset tips get my Mindset Mastery Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs that is filled with different techniques for handling life and getting out of your own way. Here’s to your best life!

Gabby Bernstein How to Use EFT Tapping for Stress Relief

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