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Guided Meditation: What is it and Who Should You Listen to?

I was not interested in guided meditation, I thought it was so…much. Until I listened to these three people!

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Why was I so against guided meditation? I was an angry person, and that is exactly why I needed it so much! I’d spent a large majority of my late teens and early twenties in a very sad, lonely, and angry place. And I know that I was not alone in those feelings and that is why I show up for you who may need to hear my message!

I have since learned that meditation does not have to be like you see in movies, but it can be if you like it that way! And as I have gone further down my path with guided meditation I have actually implemented different techniques to enhance my experience and I hope that you feel comfortable doing that one day as well!

Guided meditation does not have to be with someone chanting.

Though it can be! There is a scientific term for the state your mind goes into when you are listening to specific sounds, that’s why they do the consistent ‘ohm’ noise. For myself, I had to work up to that. I felt a little too boho chic when I was listening to the music.

There is a very good reason to meditate though, not just in life but in business as well. At certain points in your life I’m sure you have felt like I have, stuck. I had spent over a decade in the food and beverage industry and I felt very stuck for a long time!

Part of what meditation has brought to me since that time is not just more peace of mind, but the ability to identify and eliminate those blocks that were holding me back! For years I thought that I was just meant to live a less than charmed life, that was what I believed and therefore that was what I was attracting. Since practicing meditation I have seen the error in the thoughts that I was having and began eradicating them.

You don’t have enough time to meditate?

That’s what I thought too. Meditation isn’t really about sitting in a quiet room for hours waiting for God or the universe the talk to you though. It can be! And if that is what works best for you, do you! But for myself, I just don’t have that capability necessarily.

So when do I meditate? While I’m washing the dishes, and folding laundry, or working out. Those moments in time that I am alone with my thoughts I try to clear my mind enough to hear my emotions that are speaking beneath the endless stream of thoughts that go through my head.

It wasn’t always like that, I used to think I had to have drugs or alcohol to hear my thoughts, but that was just another limiting belief that I had held. Meditation is a little more about allowing. Just tuning out the noise and allowing your body to talk to you. Allowing the universe to communicate with you.

It is something you can work up to.

Somewhere around after the birth of my son, I got more into meditation. And listening to guided meditations because I had less time to mess around. It was a wonderful time in my life that I was determined to enjoy. But what a lot of people don’t tell you about having a kid is it’s not even the kid that’s difficult, it’s your family. So while I battled with maintaining my boundaries and protecting my peace of mind, I listened to Tony and Sage Robbins Freedom Guru App.

And while Sage would speak in her super soothing voice, and the music was going on in the background, I would do the practices she was telling me to do. Allowing the light to enter my body through the top of my head and spread throughout, leaving only peace behind. While Sage Robbins was my true intro, I quickly went through the whole app!

Next, I was introduced to Gabby Bernstein, whose story I could really relate to. And whose raspy, smokey voice sounded more like my cup of tea. If you relate to my story, you’ll definitely relate to Gabby’s! So while I work out now I listen to Gabby’s podcast. I meditate on the words that she is speaking to her audience, reminding everyone that they are not alone.

You don’t have to be anxious or depressed to meditate.

In fact, if you’re feeling great now I really suggest you get started now! It can be really difficult to start a new habit when you’re down and out. I had started my personal growth journey from the bottom, not the middle, and you fight for every inch. But I started truly meditating from the middle. It was much easier than the strides I had to make in the beginning.

Meditating is much more about listening to what you really want out of life. Getting in tune with your inner world and allowing it to shine in your outer world. Before you can live a life of freedom you have to allow for these things to happen!

So whether you just want more peace in your life, or you want to start and scale that business of your dreams, meditation is for you! It holds the key to unlocking your true potential by getting rid of those blocks that are holding you back. When combined with affirmations, EFT Tapping, and working out, you can really take off!

Grab Gabby’s book to start your meditation journey off on the right foot!

And while you’re at it you can get my Mindset Mastery Guide that is filled with 13 plus practices you can start today even as a busy mom so you can have more peace of mind and be more present with your loved ones.

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