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Top 5 Healthier Habits to Implement to Help You and Your Business

These top 5 healthier habits dramatically changed the way I felt about my business and my life! I hope they can help you too!

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Why Would You Need Healthier Habits?

Well, you would need healthier habits if you want your business to be successful! The only surefire way to fail at anything is to let it stagnate and stop growing and changing. That’s the key!

It’s the inspiration for this blog, helping entrepreneurial women learn how to grow past the obstacles that threaten to stagnate them, stop them, or hinder their chances of success. The amount of limits you place on yourself unwittingly is substantial, once you start to uncover them.

So what are the top 5 habits you need?

  1. Stop the scroll!
  2. Plan out your day.
  3. Plan out your week/month/year
  4. Set clear boundaries with friends/family/etc.
  5. Marry the process and divorce the results.

Healthier Habits Explained.

When I say stop the scroll, maybe you’ve heard the infamous Michelle Cunningham say that before, or maybe Marina Simone if you’re in the Network Marketing world. What these women mean when they say it is that they want their perfect prospect to see their post on social media and stop scrolling to see what they have to say.

How do you do this? With thought-provoking, emotionally triggering (in a positive way), or curiosity creating social media posts! This healthier habit works two-fold.

Once you’re able to create these posts that stop your customer’s scroll, you can stop scrolling! Social media has been stated to have a negative effect on your mental health. When you have a targeted social media plan, you can hop on social to attract your perfect clients and then hop off.

How do you make a targeted social media plan?

If I were to tell you everything that I’ve learned on the subject we’d be here for a few days. But I can tell the key healthier habits you need to enforce right now is a limit on your social media intake. So figure out when your audience is active in your insights, develop a weekly content strategy (what to post daily), and then a monthly or yearly content plan so you stay consistent.

For a daily plan have something for the platform you’ve chosen’s different features, they like that. Take Instagram for example, Monday I do a carousel, Tuesday a meme, Wednesday an IGTV, Thursday-Sunday I do a post or a carousel, and every day I do a Reel. Then take the types of content you talk about and make them educational, entertaining, lifestyle, value, and something business-related.

Ideally, your content should be 80% value and 20% business. By ensuring you stick to that rule you can plan out your month ahead of time. Or if you’re super proactive you can plan out the whole year. Consistency is key in life and business!

Treat your business like a business, but remember why you started it!

Healthier habit number one is to set clear boundaries with your loved ones, your spouse, your friends, and yourself! Treat your business like a business. just because you have “time and money freedom” doesn’t mean that you have the freedom to never make time for making money. Find your balance and enforce it!

But don’t hustle all day every day, healthier habits are balanced habits. You have to find a way to marry the process and divorce the results. My horoscope the other day on Free Will Astrology mentions a stonecutter who on the 101st strike finally cracks the stone in half. But was it the one strike that broke the stone or the 100 that came before it?

Just a reminder to take your time, remain committed to the dream that is in your heart, and surrender to the flow. The universe has a plan and if you keep going, you will achieve great things, my friend.

Need some more encouragement? Listen to the universe through my book Fireflies, see if you can find the synchronicities in your own life.


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  1. Seriah Sargenton/Riyah Speaks

    Planning out my day is one of the first things I learned how to do in my personal development journey. Great post!

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