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Healthy Prepared Meal? They Do Exist!

Healthy prepared meal? When I saw an opportunity for one I knew I needed it STAT!

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I don’t want to call myself cheap but I’m certainly cost-conscious. For me, I guess it’s always a list of priorities I go through. First, do I need it, then do I want it, then is the off-brand acceptable or when is it on sale.

Why spend the extra money if you don’t have to is my mentality. But when it comes to food sometimes you really do need the convenience of quick. There’s a ton of quick food out there now but very few healthy options. And even fewer that don’t cost a fortune. Until I saw this!

A healthy prepared meal service that delivers to your door?

That’s also cost effective? And tastes delicious? It’s like the unicorn of microwaveable food!

Take it from me, I’m a mom of two kids under the age of two. I mention it often because if you have ever been in a room with two little kids you already know. But my kids never leave haha.

Meals get so monotonous for me sometimes. Throw some chicken and pasta sauce in one pan and boil pasta and call it a meal. That’s what we eat like 3 times a week. Especially now that they both seem very anti-nap.

I don’t eat unhealthy food.

Not because I don’t enjoy the occasional junk food. But food is nourishment to me. I’m a super no fuss no muss kind of person. And it’s just the fact of the matter that junk food is exactly that, junk.

Food is supposed to feed your brain as well as your body and overly processed food isn’t as healthy. These are just facts. Ice cream notwithstanding because you still need calcium! Kidding.

We work out almost every day.

My husband and I actually used a live a very unhealthy lifestyle. We have since spent a lot of time learning and maintaining healthy habits as a way of life because it’s so much more rewarding.

As a result, we are hungry. Got to feed those muscles!

Personal Trainer Food for the Win!

When I saw this opportunity I didn’t stop, I didn’t pass “GO”, I did not collect $200 (Monopoly reference). Usually, I confer with my husband on everything but this was a no-brainer.

I actually surprised him with it, romantic huh? But seriously 14 already made breakfasts, lunches, AND dinners? Just pop it in the microwave and enjoy it? And all-natural foods that we look for regularly?

Either my life is very boring or I’m a simple person, one way or the other, this was the most exciting thing to have come across in a good while. And this was only one of the options too, there are other plans available, but more on that later.

And it’s really a healthy prepared meal!

I can’t harp on this enough. Since it’s geared towards weight loss it’s packed with protein. The whole diet plan is based on healthy, nutrient rich food that your body needs and will give you energy!

So far I have had the cheddar omelette with bacon, cheddar omelet with turkey sausage, frittata omelet with breakfast sausage, farmhouse omelet with maple sausage, zesty tenders, Asiago chicken breast, wild Alaskan salmon, grilled mahi-mahi, apple and gouda juicy sausage, Lima beans, Venice blend, cauliflower, and zucchini.

I mean, talk about food! There isn’t a starch because this is designed so that you lose weight. Super easy. That’s the idea, by having everything ready to go it takes the guesswork out of the equation.

I had to share!

I have been sharing with my husband because I’m kind of obligated. It’s just everything he loves and then some. For breakfast, we may have done only eggs because they’re delicious. Lunch, dinner and vegetables we have switched up.

It’s super cool because basically all of the times are 1-2 minutes that I’ve seen so far. Which for a busy mom is great. If both kids are having a meltdown and all of the sudden need me when I’m starving I don’t have to go for the super sugary snack bars! I can have food.

And just adding heating food up for dinner is so amazing because I can get more done during the day! It’s been so amazing to have that extra hour or more available to get stuff done instead of making dinner. I mentioned earlier that I don’t like spending money if I don’t have to, but time is money! Plus, in terms of cost, I’ve never seen a better price point for food being delivered.

It came in a big old box.

Yes, one giant box but it wasn’t heavy to get inside really. Inside there was just styrofoam and dry ice. Which is great because you don’t have to be home when you order it, it will stay in the box until you get home.

Personal Trainer Food
Personal Trainer Food Box

I think the worst part was making room in my freezer. But other than having to eat some stuff to make room, it’s really fine. You’d be amazed at how much food they send too!

They all come individually wrapped and labeled with different times for the microwave for each of them. This is great because even though I put the list of food items on the fridge, I wouldn’t want to have to reference it to know what time to cook it for. Because of kids.

Personal Trainer Food
Personal Trainer Food
My biggest complaint so far.

Is just that the writing on the bags can be a little hard to read but that’s not so bad. That and the bags sometimes break open in the microwave. But seriously. The instructions are literally to just microwave for whatever amount of time. How easy! Just be sure to put it on a plate in case it leaks a little.

The second thing would be the salt content can be a little high on some of the items but that’s not a problem for us, I love salt. The food really is delicious too, they pack so much flavor in there it’s crazy! I only mention salt because I was extra thirsty and if you have any condition that salt can be an issue. If it is, just be sure to opt for less salty options.

Personal Trainer Food Healthy Prepared Meal
Cheddar Omelet and Bacon

There’s so much more food available than I thought!

I can’t say that I have ever tried a healthy prepared meal delivery service before but I have worked in restaurants my entire life. What that means is that I know how to make and cost out a menu as well as order the food and the necessary components that go along with it.

This means that I know how much thought, effort and care has gone into their menu! It takes a lot of time to set a menu, and the fact that they have so many great and unique items is amazing! I mean apple and gouda juicy sausage? I haven’t seen that on a menu before so I knew I had to try it and it was delicious!

Personal Trainer Food Healthy Prepared Meal
Salmon and Zucchini

I won’t get too far into their options just now but hang in there for next week when I have had the chance to try more! There are even more options than I have told you yet, so just wait until I dive into all of those options and exactly how the plan works! If you can’t wait for me, you should go check out their website today at personaltrainerfood.com.


4 thoughts on “Healthy Prepared Meal? They Do Exist!”

  1. I have thought about trying out these pre-packaged meal services because I do NOT enjoy cooking. I always talk myself out of it though. Can’t justify it for just the 2 of us. Now if my 3 kids were little (now in their 20’s) and I was still working outside the home then YES I would’ve most definitely tried this!!

    1. I understand that! This particular service is so much more than just meal delivery because it’s so healthy and designed for weight loss and building muscle though so it’s great for my family. Also I have young kids so that’s a big reason!

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