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Healthy Protein Options, the Best Frozen Food Ever

Some easy healthy protein options from a home delivery service!

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Working from home is difficult. No one really talks about it. I happen to prefer it but there are days when the same four walls start to close in on you. Then add two kids under two into the mix and it gets more hectic.

After my daughter, especially since they were so close together I found myself struggling with those last few pounds. It was a combination of two kids 13 months apart and no longer working 10 hours a day on my feet anymore. That’s how I came across a weight loss program I really liked!

Healthy Protein means good for you and your body.

The inventor, Mike Starks, talks about how he helped his wife lose weight. I really identified with his description of how she ate and why he came up with the program.

He found that his wife was mostly snacking on things all day long that was unhealthy for her. She was pressed for time and was grabbing what she could. So he set out to prepare healthy food for her to enjoy, thus the company was born!

That’s how the company was born and how it came to be in my hands. Basically the idea behind the program is that it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks designed to eliminate the unhealthy food options you might be grabbing instead.

There is no calorie counting, no rice or pasta fillers, but there are milkshakes! It’s called personal trainer food because it is a diet that encourages your body to stay in fat burn mode in a healthy way and is recommended by personal trainers.

Healthy protein options
Frittata with Bacon for breakfast-Maybe my favorite of the options.

There are three different options.

Since the design behind the program is weight loss the first program is designed for exactly that. Rapid weight loss, and is called Rev! The plan is described as their “extreme fat-burning and accelerated weight loss plan.” (PTF). This plan includes daily email support, personal weight loss coaching, weekly weight loss calls. As if that wasn’t enough there’s also a water bottle, tape measure and a lunch kit.

Then there is the Core plan that is “Delicious, Convenient and Effective Weight Loss” (PTF). This one also includes email support and weight loss coaching. It starts with lunch and dinner and you can add breakfast and snacks if you’d like. I had breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Finally they have a plan that you choose yourself. This is an A la cart plan that allows you to pick what you would like. The prices are incredibly competitive too! Normally they are $22, $19 and $23 a day respectively. Right now they are $16, $14 and $16 a day, respectively.

I cannot say that I have done other programs like this. But I can absolutely attest to that being a reasonable price, especially with how my husband and I eat! We always keep our dinners fairly protein-rich because it is what will fill us up. So this program is perfect for us!

Healthy protein options
Turkey Burger with Normandy Blend-Absolutely Delicious by the way.

Healthy protein is not just meat.

I think that’s what this plan does well. Not only is it incredibly quick and easy to make (literally pop it in the microwave for 1-3 minutes, varying). But it’s also delicious and with variety! There is chicken and sausage and fish!

In my opinion, fish is underrated as a healthy protein. I’m guilty of it myself but fish is a very easy and delicious option for dinner. I always find myself nervous to prepare it. I’m also usually nervous to eat it too but the fish in this program is phenomenal.

Seriously the food is so good.

Healthy protein is also the nuts and other snacks that are available. Like the shakes! They come in vanilla or chocolate. Next time I will definitely be getting the shakes because I need something to counter that ice cream craving.

All in all I could not be more impressed with this program. There’s a ton of variety and so many different types of options. I absolutely recommend this to anyone but particularly the busy person who doesn’t want to think about food. It has opened up my week incredibly! I find myself able to get more done and be a happier person!

I think above all else it is the time that I got back from this service that I value the most. The food gives you more energy. Of course I have more energy because there’s less groceries to buy, cook and clean up! I don’t think there’s a mom out there that wouldn’t get excited about healthy protein. Plus you pop it in the microwave, it helps you lose weight and you also lose dishes to clean. So appreciative of Personal Trainer Food!

Healthy protein options
One prepared by my husband. Angus burger and Scandinavian Blend. He added the bun, cheese, lettuce, onion and salad. Not optimal for weight loss but delicious.

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