Help! Starting my own business!

There are so many business routes out there, where to get started?

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First, we all know now what the basics are:

You can be whatever you’d like to be today and that’s amazing! But with all of the different options comes a lot more confusion. In a nutshell it really boils down to a few key things.

  1. Build your brand
    • Whether you’re branding a business or yourself, you need to establish a series of expectations for your ideal customer or consumer. This is through consistency and being purposeful about your decisions. Who do I go to for personal branding? Check out Elaine Rau, she’s an EXPERT at personal branding!
  2. Graphics
    • The second part of branding yourself is making yourself recognizable. This is also through consistency but it is also through careful planning. Ask me for recommendations on getting started and how your design looks!
  3. Market yourself
    • No matter what platform or medium you’re using your brand and graphics should be easily recognizable. Again, my girl Elaine is a killer at marketing!
  4. Have a mission statement
    • Your business and brand is great, but do you have a tagline or graphics that are representative of what your business is trying to accomplish? What problem(s) is your business trying to solve and for whom? Reach out to me for feedback!
  5. Have a target audience
    • Does your brand speak to your ideal consumer? The graphics, the mission statement, the market you’re advertising to all should point to your ideal consumer. Secondly, make sure your target audience is included in the demographic of the region you’re marketing to. Online it is easier but if you want to run an ad online for farming equipment, you can exclude major cities in your target area most likely, kinda get what I mean?

Does that all make sense to you? It took me a little while to figure some of these things out, it was a little more like throwing things at the wall and seeing what stuck at first and if that is where you are that’s ok!

I just hope that these tips can help fast track you instead of fumbling around blind (like I did for so long).

Of course, the second half of that is understanding what works for what medium and niche you have chosen, but that’s more work for another day.

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