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Make Your New Year’s Eve Resolution Be to Implement the High Five Challenge by Mel Robbins

Make your resolution to implement the High Five Challenge by Mel Robbins.

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What does everyone do when they look at themselves in the mirror? If you’re like me it usually goes like this,

‘I wish this was different, that, the other thing. I can’t believe I did that 10 years ago. I’m unworthy.’ And so on and so forth.

STOP doing this to yourself! Instead, take the high-five challenge by Mel Robbins and love yourself more!

What is the high five habit by Mel Robbins?

It sounds funny but your brain doesn’t know if you’re high-fiving yourself or someone else. What does that mean for you? It means your brain will automatically produce those good feeling brain chemicals!

What that is doing is rewiring the neurons in your brain that have been conditioned to think negative things whenever you look in the mirror. The longer you create this new habit with the high five challenge by Mel Robbins the more it can slowly change the way you look at yourself and eventually other people too.

It’s like setting your intentions for the day, or starting your day with gratitude but designed to silence the inner critic and stop defeating yourself. And you deserve a high five!

It’s based off of science.

The book written by Mel Robbins is The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit. But the high five challenge by Mel Robbins was borne out of a scientific study that she had heard of that backs the method.

What Mel suggests is that every morning you should high-five yourself after your brush your teeth. Why is that? Because when you add another habit onto a habit you already have it increases the likelihood that the new habit will stick, it’s called stacking.

How will this impact your life?

When you take on the high five challenge by Mel Robbins you’re going to feel a little funny at first, at least I did. But once you start connecting those positive neurons in your brain, guess what? You’re going to feel more positive!

And when you feel more positive you’re likely to be more productive, which makes you feel even better, and will make you happier in your relationships. Think about it, when you get to work late after not sleeping, you have less patience for your coworkers.

But when you haven’t slept and you’re late but you say to yourself that these things happen and you high-five yourself in the mirror, you might have more patience with your coworkers. And then instead of coming home cranky and complaining to your husband you just might come home happy, which makes them happy too!

The only thing you changed was your attitude. That’s the magic of the high five challenge by Mel Robbins. Like Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

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