Helpful Daily Affirmations To Have A Holly Jolly Holiday and Stay Sane

Holiday got you down? I think 99% of people could agree with you, which is why I made a list of daily affirmations to hopefully curb the holiday blues.

First, don’t quote me on statistics, but it’s no exaggeration when I say that the holiday season does not inspire many with all of those warm and fuzzy feelings. In fact, the holidays are rife with stress, uncertainty, and quite a lot of depression. This time of year is always ranked as the highest percentage of suicides worldwide, not to bring you even further down.

Second, understandably so! There’s an immense amount of pressure to have just the right gift, and the perfect Instagram Reel of your tree and the perfect cookies to bring as a guest. It makes my head spin! Then 2020 happened and well, nothing about this year went well, so why would the holidays? So, if you’re anything like me, then check out some of these affirmations to help you manage this time of year.

Holiday Affirmations for family.

  • My family loves me.
  • I get to choose who I call family.
  • Where we go for the holidays is up to me.
  • How I choose to celebrate the holidays is my choice.
  • My family and I choose to celebrate the holidays the best that we know how.

While this isn’t a perfect list but I hope that it encompasses some of the things that may be causing you anxiety this time of year. If something you are personally feeling is not there, please let me know! You get to choose whether you live in anxiety and fear!

Affirmations for money.

  • There is always more money.
  • I can always make more money.
  • There are plenty of ways to make money.
  • Lots of jobs exist that pay money.
  • Money is abundant.
  • I attract money to me.

This is one of those things that I’ve read about that can be hard to understand. However, it doesn’t need to be. The idea behind affirmations is repeating things that you believe. I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to believe that I get to decide where and how I spend my holiday season. Equally easy to believe is that I choose who I call my family. Not so easy is money.

The long and short of it is that you have a preconceived notion about money. This notion was handed down to you from the major influences in your life. For instance, my mother saved money like it was a depression. Meanwhile, my father spent it like it was Niagara Falls. Therefore, when I think about money I think that I need to save it. This is because whenever I needed monetary assistance, my mother had plenty and my father none. And yet, my father always has money to spend.

I won’t make any more fuss about that. But the idea is that if you think you have no money, you won’t have any. If you know that you can always make more money, you will make more money. It’s a matter of those deep-rooted beliefs from your childhood and your own life. Certain experiences lead you to your beliefs about money. So with the above affirmations, you have to tweak it to how you can best believe you have enough money.

Holiday affirmations about you.

  • I am enough.
  • There are lots of reason to love me.
  • Lots of people like me.
  • I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else.
  • I can always find someone who appreciates me.
  • My happiness is important.
  • Stress is something I create and can eliminate.
  • It matters if it matters to me.

You are important, always. I think that the holiday season makes so many people get so self-centered. In the sense that everyone is focused on how they’re being judged by others. Why everyone is worried about that aunt that thinks that they should wear more colors is because they care. Or the grandparent who keeps asking if they’re going to get that college degree or not. That’s the ugly side of the holiday season that infiltrates all of those nice feelings. Just remember that you are valuable all by yourself and no one outside of you can determine your worth.

Holiday affirmations for joy.

  • No one decides my happiness but me.
  • I control my life.
  • I’m not going to allow outside influences to determine how I enjoy the holiday season.
  • There is no one like me and that’s amazing.
  • The holidays are filled with magic and I feel it all around me.
  • Magic is something I create.
  • Joy is an emotion that I am capable of feeling.

That last one might be a stretch, I admit. Some people feel joy where others feel happiness. I’m in the less strongly felt emotional camp. I joke, kind of. But however you’re able to tap into the magic that can and should exist during this time of year, I pray that you do. Again, life is difficult enough. 2020 has been one of the most difficult times in recent human history. Just don’t forget that it can and has been worse.

I am a history nerd by choice. Think of 9/11, the Vietnam War, the Holocaust, and the last Great Depression. In my opinion, those still rank higher than the difficulties that this most recent year has presented. While I don’t mean to downplay your personal experiences. It’s simply to bring light that sometimes your worst isn’t as bad as some others. Or that sometimes, just when you think you can’t go lower, you do.

Life is and should be about perspective. Daily affirmations are a means to help remember that when you feel a little low. Another way to do that for me is by reading my horoscope. They simply serve as a fun little reminder to not take life too seriously. Plus you can get a daily dose of inspiration.

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