How to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle for A Happy Life

It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t think living a healthy lifestyle was possible for me. Now that I know how I hope these tips can help you who has felt like me!

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A few years ago I was depressed and angry and it manifested in bad habits that I thought would stick with me forever. To be honest, if my bad habits weren’t bad for me I would have done them forever, but most addicts probably feel that way. But I can say that now I crave my healthy lifestyle more than I ever craved my unhealthy one.

Once the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of changing, I embarked on my personal growth journey and I am forever grateful for it. Now I am happily married with two kids and we eat right, exercise, and practice healthy living. If you are me a few years ago, these tips are for you!

Get out of your own way!

The first step is always admitting that there is a problem, only then can you start fixing it. But the big problem is usually a cover for millions of little problems along the way, that helped create the big one. As you go on eliminating fear and anxiety and embracing a peaceful life, you will inevitably have more hurdles along the way.

One of the best ways to identify the problems that are holding you back is with meditating. Allowing yourself the time and the space to think through your different problems is one of the best ways to find them and work through them. Be sure to have a professional you trust during this process! A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, it happens when you choose it daily!

Find what works for you!

I like to work out every day, but for some people that is way too much. While there are inevitably days that I don’t get a chance to, those are the days that I am usually noticeably crankier. Keep looking for what works just right for you, and the way to do that is with experimenting.

Take a look around the room you’re in right now. What are some things you wish to change here? A healthy lifestyle is built from the bottom up. Is it that corner of your room that has a stain on the wall that you keep meaning to clean, paint, or cover? Go over there and do it! Once you start with something small you can snowball it into other small wins, be sure to celebrate all of them! The next day pick another small thing you’ve been meaning to do and go do it.

If you miss a day (try not to!) but don’t let it get you down! Just start again! Maybe you don’t feel motivated one day, do it anyway! Your day does not have to be measured in productivity but those small wins will make you feel better!

What helps me maintain my healthy lifestyle.

One of the most powerful things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to marry the process and divorce the results. It’s not about all of the things you still have to do, it’s all of the things you have started doing already. Don’t settle for less than you deserve

Some things that help me are daily affirmations, they help me eliminate limiting beliefs. I love using a practice called EFT Tapping for when I’m in a funk. It’s a quick practice to quickly get my mind right again. Gabby Bernstein is great for following for managing your mindset, and her books I highly suggest!

And of course I try to eat right, exercise, and continue to push myself toward my goals every day. Once you get into a healthy lifestyle routine you will crave it like the bad routine you maybe used to crave.

Tell me below, what was your favorite tip? Be sure to grab my Mindset Mastery Guide for how to eliminate the blocks that are holding you back in a short amount of time so you can spend more time with your loved ones!

Here are some of Gabby’s books on my Facebook page, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! This book by Gabby below is the best one for building a healthy lifestyle, grab it before you go! And please, live your best life, you’re doing the world a favor when you bring your authentic self to the table. Here’s to you!

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