How to Visualize Your Highest Self to Attract Your Perfect Future

You owe it to your highest self to understand what it wants from you.

When my husband and I got sober I wasn’t planning for the rest of this to happen. It just kind of did. And I like to think that when you get started on your own personal development journey that things will just sort of happen for you too.

This is why before I talk about how to visualize your highest self I want to first start with defining it. Some may believe that the best version of yourself is the one that you push for. The one you push through jumping through all of the hoops. It can be that but it’s much more than that.

Your highest self vs. your ego

Previously, when I was in college I studied psychology. A fair amount of it that I changed my major to psychology. Though I never did pursue a career in it, I still am passionate about the study of psychology. In it, Freud who is one of the major influences of the study talks about the ego often. To help you understand I will touch a little on this.

The ego is the animalistic side of the id. Which is the moral side of the superego. And the superego is ethics. In simpler terms, we all struggle with wanting to fit into society. Those are the three sides of our personality that counterbalance each other. You may be starving, the ego. But you have to wait for everyone else to get their food according to the id. Because the superego understands that that is a societal norm, get it?

So when you want to visualize your highest self, you almost want to strip away all of those ‘norms’. Why? Because you may be operating under pretenses that don’t suit you and don’t have to! You’re doing so because you think you should, and your highest self doesn’t understand the world that way. Your highest self understands you not what society wants for you.

It’s not as simple as it sounds.

Numerous times this week I have heard about some studies on mice. This study it says proves that in lab mice trauma caused to one generation sticks around two generations later. The study is referenced with a lens through which to understand yourself better. To understand that you may be carrying traumas that are not meant for you. And to be kind with yourself when you can’t simply eradicate them.

When trying to visualize your highest self, you have to break through the barriers and self-limiting beliefs. Beliefs that you may not even know you are holding. How you can do that is by first meditating and understanding those beliefs. Once you understand them only then you can eliminate them.

What does your highest self want?

Sounds obvious but maybe not. Your highest self wants what is best for you. But if you don’t even know what that is you will never get there. That’s why the first step is to eliminate those beliefs that are holding you back. You may think that what is best for you is to go to college. Graduate and get a job, buy a house, get married, have babies. In that order and never stray from the curriculum.

I say that because that was what I thought I had to do, except I was miserable. And I always knew something was missing. Even after college when I was in a long-term relationship and working as a manager, there was still a hole. Something gnawing at my insides that this wasn’t the life for me.

These were societal norms that I thought I should do because that’s what society suggests. But my highest self wanted more for me. It was only when I started breaking these norms that I started to feel happier and more fulfilled. I chose the path less traveled and that has made all the difference, to paraphrase Robert Frost.

You owe it to yourself to get really honest with yourself and what you want. What you want is not wrong, it’s the marriage of your animalistic side with your id and superego. You can’t deny one and only listen to the other, you’re doing yourself an injustice.

Then you can manifest that dream.

You have to get really, seriously, severely, clear on the direction you would like to change. While also being open to the direction changing. You cannot change with the wind as it capriciously will do, but you need to have an idea. For instance, wanting to be free from the constraints of a job you can’t also want the security of a job. Those are conflicting ideals.

Your freedom from a job can be blogging, a direct sales company, writing your own book, or maybe all of the above. Wink, wink. The idea is to know in your heart what you want. And allow your heart to follow those dreams where they may lead you. And have fun while you do it for goodness sake.

Not only can you attract your perfect future but you should!

You owe it to the world, yourself, and your loved ones to become the most well-rounded, happy highest self that you can be! The sky is the limit and you will never know what you can be if you don’t give yourself the chance. And be grateful for the life that you have and the opportunity to do so.

One of the major reasons why I decided I couldn’t live the life everyone wanted for me was because I saw how miserable everyone else was. And so was I! But you can’t let fear and anxiety stop you from doing that which your heart wants. Don’t listen to miserable people on how to be happy. And don’t listen to people that settle for what is on how to get what you want. It’s only the people that break the norm that make a difference in the world. We wouldn’t still talk about Cleopatra and Alexander the Great if they did what everyone else did.

It takes courage and guts to attract your highest self, it will take sacrifice and determination. But it is so worth it! Start living your life unlimited now!!

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  1. Societal norms vs. what our soul needs are often in great contrast. I agree that we deserve to release and seek the delicious life our highest self desires for us. Then, and only then do we truly realize all that we are, what we can do, and the massive value we add to the world around us. Thank you for sharing!

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