How Your Loved Ones May Be Holding You Back.

Your loved ones love you, they support you, they want what’s best for you! Are they holding you back from your dreams?

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Your loved ones want the best for you, of course, they do! I’m just as guilty as any other loved one. I think I know what is best for you and your life because I know you so well and I love you to pieces and I only want the very best for you. But I can’t make your dreams come true, only you can!

But you can’t let me hold you back from pursuing your dreams, they’re yours!

True support, true love is infinite, it is all-encompassing. It is the Marilyn Monroe quote about loving you at your worst so you know that they really love you. Love isn’t a fair-weather friend, it isn’t only when the sun is shining that they can support you. If your dreams are too big for your loved ones you shouldn’t shrink for them!

My husband and I are both in recovery. We met when we were both at just about the darkest we’d ever been (to date at least). I loved him then, and by some grace of God he loved me too.

We tested each other, it was a battle of ‘if I did this to you, would you still love me?’

It was two children basically competing for true love, throwing temper tantrums. Seeing if the other would walk out the door because they finally had enough. Only, we didn’t, still haven’t, God willing never will. I love every bit of it too, our story. In my own twisted way, I find it endearing how much we hurt each other and ourselves fighting for what we have now.

I wasn’t going to marry someone if I didn’t believe in my heart of hearts that he was willing to fight to make it work, that he was willing to fight me sometimes just to love me.

You see, my mother is three times married, three times divorced, my father is twice married and twice divorced, I was not willing to repeat the pattern. Granted, there is still plenty of time for things to go south (God willing there’s time!) but I can satisfy my heart knowing that my poor husband has endured just about the worst of me first to ever get the best of me and only now are we ‘happy’.

But that’s one of the ways that your loved ones may be holding you back from your true self, your true happiness, your highest self.

Do you think my parents were enthralled with my now-husband back when we were both acting like fools? You think my father even likes him now, now that we’re entrepreneurs? Unfortunately for my parents, I never cared much about what they thought and still don’t but I attribute that stubbornness to be a large part of our success today. You have to be willing to follow your heart even if you lose some people along the way, because if they’re not your ride or die, what do you really need them for anyway?

They say free advice is worth the price you pay, and loved ones are chock full of free advice.

By that same statement, my advice here is just as null and void. The true ‘price’ is often learning the hard way, but if you want more out of life, there will be many hard lessons you’re going to have to swallow. There may be many well-intentioned loved ones you’re going to irritate along the way, but the true ones will always stick by your side.

If you dream of a world where you’re self-sufficient, self-sustainable, self-responsible, it will not be just a stroll through the park. Meaning, an entrepreneur’s life is only for those that have the guts for it.

If you have the guts and are willing to put in the work, put up with the heartache, then you’re halfway there. Reach out to me today if you really want to live a different life!

Reach out to me today!


4 thoughts on “How Your Loved Ones May Be Holding You Back.”

  1. Oh I loved reading this! Thanks Shea for sharing your heart with us! You are so right! Our loved can be so sincere in their advice and desire to guide us, but sometimes they can be sincerely wrong.

  2. I love this! I can definitely relate to the pushing to see how much your significant other will deal with. Okay, it’s definitely not the best thing in the world to do… but I’ve done it. After having been through multiple relationships where I couldn’t be handled at my worst, I don’t want to do that again. And while I strive to be “at my worst” as little as possible, because it is NOT fun for anyone involved, it is amazing knowing someone can deal with my worst.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I strive to be my best every day but we all fall short sometimes. Can’t have a rainbow without the rain!

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