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What if You Could Have Just One Cookbook? Wouldn’t That Make You Happy?

Just one cookbook for all of your family’s (and friend’s) recipes? I know I like the sound of that!

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I remember when I was younger, maybe around 11, when I sat in the kitchen with my grandmother copying down her recipes. My grandmother had come with a box for notecards with dividers and everything and we sat writing them down together. For a few weeks I would tell her what recipes I wanted her to bring and she would come with her handwritten copies or magazine cut-outs and we’d sort them by category.

It’s memories like this that you can never get back, but some of those recipes have seen better days. A combination of the fact that my handwriting was that of an eleven-year-old coupled with the age and use of the recipes, some I am afraid to touch! But this new website solves all of those problems and allows you to have just one cookbook!

Cutting recipes out of magazines is not how we do things anymore.

It’s not! In today’s world, you save the recipe you like to a Pinterest board or you email it to yourself. Most of the time I am looking up recipes I have used and liked before all over again, remembering the website that it came from only about half of the time.

That’s where Family Cookbook Project comes in! My mind exploded for a minute when I realized what this meant for my cooking and my family’s future of cooking. That sounds overdramatic, I know, but if you are perpetually less than organized like myself, it is everything. You can take a recipe from a website, copy the link, and upload it directly into the cookbook. Yes, you heard me! This website will take those recipes and turn it into a printed cookbook for you, you’re welcome.

I recently saw a funny meme where it depicted a cartoon character in the throes of woe, with the caption stating something like ‘When you realize you have to come up with a dinner plan every night for the rest of your life’. And I felt that.

Having just one cookbook where you can compile all of your favorite recipes is amazing! And of course, you’ll most likely end up with more than one. Because you’ll continuously add more recipes to it as you go along, but it cuts out the fluff! Customize your cookbook to how you like it and print away!

Having just one cookbook reduces the clutter.

I am perpetually cluttered, much to my husband’s dismay. But for every cookbook I have, there may be only a recipe or two in the whole thing that my family likes and will eat. Thus creates the problem, you have a giant book that takes up space that you keep because you like a few recipes in it. You can copy the few recipes and put it into a different book. Or tear the pages that you like out of it, but I love books too much to do that.

Now with this website, you can simply copy the recipes in and you can give the book to someone else! Maybe you can regift it to someone that you know would love to make every single recipe in it. Or you can donate the book to a local library or bookstore for someone else that might appreciate it more than you.

With tons of customization features, Family Cookbook Project is so exciting for the possibilities it presents. You can dedicate just one cookbook to dessert if you’re a pastry connoisseur or you can make one for each side of your family. There are different covers to select from or you can upload your own photo. Different preferences for where your pictures can be shown in the book, whether recipes are one-page only, or where your personal notes are placed for the recipe. They truly thought of everything!

And when you’ve completed your masterpiece, they made printing it out easy too. All without having to leave the platform! You can lock the cookbook you’re working on from accepting more recipes from contributors while you finalize everything and can choose to laminate the pages and more! Just be sure to check the print in a PDF form to make sure it is perfect before ordering it.

This can make the perfect gift!

The story about my grandmother is a true one, and when I was expecting my daughter I gave my mother-in-law a blank paper cookbook so she could write down her recipes for my daughter. After a few short months my mother-in-law handed it back to me. Naturally, she included the top hits, but she said that it was difficult to think of what to put in there, and her hands would hurt from writing.

Family Cookbook project solves both of those problems. When you’re not uploading directly from a website, you can manually put the recipe in. While nothing will replace those handwritten recipes, this does help when handwriting is too difficult. Or in my case, too difficult to read.

And as my children grow up and have their own favorite recipes from Nana or Grandma (or Pop-Pop) we can add them to a cookbook. This can be a gift of a lifetime of love and laughter or giving your favorite chef a few recipes of your own for them to try out.

The best part about adding in Nana’s recipes? She can do it herself with a link you send her! The platform is easy to use, with preset categories, prep-time, serving size, and more! Better yet, is that you can give credit to Nana as the contributor too. So the next time your loved one is saying to make that dish again, you can send the link so they can add it in there for you! How awesome is that?

Let me know, what would you do with your cookbook?

I can’t wait to put all of my family member’s recipe’s in one place!


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  1. Great idea! Thanks for introducing us to this concept. Looking forward to trying out their site and getting rid of the cookbooks I rarely use.

    Of course, part of my problem is that my baking is a lot of ‘Hmmm, I wonder what happens if I use leftover eggnog instead of milk in my bread? For the record, no one noticed but they burned faster in the toaster ;D

    Carpe Diem! | https://OurCarpeDiem.com

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