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How You Can Increase Your Income With KDP Low Content Books

I kept hearing about KDP low content books and I finally made one!

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I don’t know about you but I love making money, especially for easy tasks. However, in my entrepreneurial journey, I think started with the most difficult and have worked my way backward to easy.

That’s usually the way I do things. You too?

So I’d been hearing about these KDP low content books thinking they’re a scam until I ran across a video and decided to go for it. Fun fact, not a scam!

What are KDP low content books?

Really they are any kind of low content book. Here’s a list.

  • Journal
  • Diary
  • Calendar
  • Planner
  • Sketchbook

The list can go on and on, there are dream journals and self-discovery journals, daily planners, and weekly planners. You get the idea.

So think about your business and what aligns with your style before you get started and then go for it! You can create a listicle, a how-to, and so much more!

Create your own KDP low content books

First, you will need some kind of creator to make a pretty cover, I use Canva and I suggest it because even the free account is capable of a lot. Think about what you want to create, you can make it in a lot of different sizes so to save yourself frustration decide on a size first. You can adapt the size if you pay for Canva, if not you’ll end up making the cover or inside more than once.

Second, create the inside pages. How many pages do you want to have? Canva only allows 100 of the same page but you may be able to combine the files, that I don’t know. If Canva is incapable consider other things like a Word document or more.

For my book Fireflies, I wrote it on Pages in my iPhone and used Adobe to make it into a PDF. If you see an error saying it needs to be CYB or something I think it was, you’ll need Adobe.

Upload it to KDP!

Regular books like KDP low content books both need to be formatted correctly first. There is Kindle Create, Kindle Kids Book, Kindle Previewer, all of which are free to download from KDP. So upload your files and follow the prompts and check that it’s okay!

Once it is uploaded you input the details as necessary. If you wrote a traditional book, you’ll want to buy an ISBN from Bowker, if it’s a low content book the free ISBN might be fine depending on your preferences.

Be sure to look at the best-selling KDP low content books in your category and see what keywords they’re ranking for and use the seven that you think would work for your book. Then you can pick the color, size, and whether you want the book glossy or matte, upload your files, and set your price! Be sure to check out the prices of books in your category.

You can opt for extended distribution with Amazon especially with Amazon’s free ISBN, which will get you into other markets. There is a minimum and a maximum you can sell it for but you’ll see that when you set your pricing. Then you’re published! Yay!

Check out my journals below!


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