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Last-Minute Gift for Dad

Last-minute gifts for dad because I can’t remember everything! I love my husband but he’s the worst to shop for. It’s made me think of some fun and unique gifts for him though, so I thought I’d share with you some fun Dad gifts!

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I’ve been with my husband now for 5 years and between his mother and I we can never really find a ‘good’ gift for him, ever. Every occasion it’s always like great I have to get something for him! Meanwhile he’s the best gift giver I ever met, ugh!

I always start with what’s unique in the ‘Dad’ gift category.

This year I got him a keychain with the central one saying “Dada” and two pennies attached with the names of our kids and the corresponding years of their births. The first year I got him a T-shirt that matched our sons. Other things I’ve thought about though are…

  • Beard stuff (he’s not like super into his beard so I wasn’t sure).
  • Donation type stuff. He’s a big animal person so something that the money spent would go to different foundations for the animal.
  • Posters from his favorite music, movies, etc.
  • Trips, tickets, events for a get away or vacation.

Some of the best gifts I have gotten him.

  • Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Smart Watch!
  • Phone.
  • Anything personalized with our kids names.

Not great last minute dad gifts but god ones include…

  • Things really personalized.
  • Pocket watch
  • Regular watch.
  • Knife sets.
  • Grill sets.
  • Jewelry.

Things that he would love but include more.

  • Camping equipment.
  • Fishing equipment.
  • Hunting equipment.
  • Sporting equipment.

Cheap and easy to do, most of which you can find at the dollar store.

  • Handmade Christmas ornaments, using flour and baking it is one I’ve seen done but haven’t personally used yet.
  • Footprints on canvas.
  • Pictures, I do a lot of pictures.
  • Something symbolic of something you shared, frame a movie ticket stub.
  • Collage of pictures or shared things. My husband and I traveled across the country and visited tons of National Parks and I saved something from each one. Usually pamphlets or other papers. My plan is to one day create either a photo album or collage with those materials.
  • Anything you can make by hand. I can *almost* knit something worthwhile and I’d still love to finish a blanket I started crocheting for our son.

Make his favorite meals. Breakfast is always my husbands favorite meal so I always make eggs when it’s something special. Even though he makes them better.

What has he wanted forever? My husbands been wanting a tattoo for a long time and you can get gift cards for many places. Or just make an appointment and surprise him.

Well there’s some good starting point for you! If you have any good ideas feel free to drop them in the comments below or share with me your best gifts you have given the father in your life!

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