Manifestation Methods That Actually Work to Attract Your Happiest Self

Manifestation Methods that I personally use and have worked for me to become a happier individual.

Once upon a time, I was a miserable person. Which is how I actually started my most recent post about sober things to do on St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t want to make this post about me but I say these things for you to understand that I was not in a happy place for a very long time, and have worked hard at changing it.

When I met my husband, I was an angry and sad person, and a lot of that was the circumstances. What my husband helped me understand that while my circumstances may have been less than ideal, it was still my attitude about them that was equally sucky. This is why I married him.

So while going through these manifestation methods I want you to keep in mind that attitude is everything! You may never have everything that you want, but sometimes you get what you need. If you sang that last part in your head like I did, we’ll get along just fine.

Daily Gratitude.

This is one that has been on my mind a lot lately. I had previously written about the importance of an attitude of gratitude but I hadn’t really embraced it fully yet. In the past few months, I had been struggling with more depression and anxiety and remembered that I should be doing this more.

What I did to change it was actually to download a Bible app on my phone. You may be thinking ‘eh, religion’ and that’s fine! Other apps I have used are Tony and Sage Robbins app Freedom Guru, Calm, and various yoga apps. The problem I consistently have with some of those other ones is there is only a small percentage of free items before you have to pay.

If you’re like me, you hate paying for things too. So, the Bible app came in handy because it has a wealth of different and new lessons daily that I have yet to exhaust. Also, if you’re like me, you need a daily reminder to be grateful and this app allows you to set the alert for when it best for you. I like to have the alert set for when I know I’m likely to just be waking up so I start my day on the right foot.

What is it about gratitude?

When thinking about the Law of Attraction staying in a state of happiness raises your frequency for the universe. Which, the universe then responds with equal vibration.

So think of those off days you have, when nothing is going right. Sometimes it’s the energy that you’re putting off into the universe that is messing up your mojo! Therefore, more negative things start happening.

Want bad things to stop happening? While you can’t prevent every ‘bad’ thing, you can change the way you see them. Some of the worst things in my life led to really positive things, so while you’re floundering in the dark it helps me to remember that it’s like a butterfly just about to come out of the cocoon.

Visualization is the greatest methods of manifestation!

Like I just said about becoming a butterfly is just one of the methods of manifestation that is really huge, visualization. The human brain recognizes things that it sees second only to things that it smells. No, I’m not a doctor, but I do remember an article I read in National Geographic about how the human brain’s sense of smell is so important because we needed our sense of smell to pinpoint danger like fire.

But we first use our vision for that! You can’t smell, touch, taste, or hear a lion coming to attack you before you can see it. So when attracting you’re trying to manifest your dreams, vision boards really do work!

More than just physical images is mental images.

Yes, physically having images of what you want out of life on your wall is great, but when you’re in a funk because maybe you don’t have all of those things yet it is imperative to have good mental imagery to help you out. One of my favorite methods of manifestation is creating a mental image of what my life would look like or feel like, or what I don’t want.

I recently shared in my Facebook Group about what I do when I’m in a funk and I’m working out. After I do the actual workout part I like to include the yoga cat-cow pose, and while I do that I imagine all of the frustration, anger, poison that is bothering me like a black hole. So while I do the cat pose I breathe in like I’m sucking out all of the poison and as I do cow pose I breathe it all out until the black hole diminishes or disappears. Then, while I switch my breathing and I breathe in the abundance of the universe and everything I am dreaming of coming to me like money and happiness. I envision the abundance of the universe as like green sparkly smoke and I exhale it into my chest and imagine it flowing to every part of my body.

Why do I do that? These are just some of the techniques that I learned from Tony and Sage Robbins’ app Freedom Guru and they work for me! The key is that you have to come up with your own things that make you happy or different visualization techniques to attract your happiest life, or get rid of your not so happy self.


Another great method of manifestation is to journal. Whether you are using your journal to write down what you’re grateful for every day or just to get out what is rattling around in your brain, a powerful way to start using it is to write about what you want your life to be as if it already was.

What do I mean by that? I mean that you can write things like how you had such a wonderful day on your yacht with Tony Robbins or whatever else you dream of happening as if it is real. It’s like visualization part two, where you are genuinely living your best days in your head and you are chronicling all of the wonderful sounds, smells, tastes, and etc. like they’re happening in real life. This is a technique called scripting, be sure to write as much as you can in the present tense.

Another powerful way is to just write down your dreams or goals. Use a combination of journaling and visualization and write down your goals and post them somewhere you will see them daily! Just be sure to have a date attached to the goal and be actively working towards that goal daily to make it happen!

Daily affirmations for easy methods of manifestation!

Not only do daily affirmations help with getting through regular everyday life, but it’s also one of my favorite methods of manifestation. Why I love it is because it is oh so simple once you get the hang of it and it’s great for rewiring some negative thought patterns you may have.

At its core, it’s just talking to yourself and saying nice things, but once you unlock its secrets it’s a powerful tool to tricking your brain into being something. It focuses on the subconscious mind, so think of what you are unknowingly telling yourself about love, money, relationships, and so on. Using daily affirmations correctly would be to release those negative beliefs you hold and replace them with positive beliefs.

The biggest problem is that you may not know what blocks you have that are preventing you from living your best life, so this is one that you can work on regularly. You have to say things that are true and also believable to your brain. Saying to yourself that you’re a millionaire is not going to work if you’re not and you don’t believe it. But saying to yourself there is an abundance of money in the world and I have the ability to make it, is both true and more believable. Better yet say I am capable of making money. Get it?

Find methods of manifestation you can commit to daily.

Whether you write down a list of 10 different daily affirmations and say them to yourself daily or you add something helpful and inspirational into your routine, commit to something daily. For myself, when I work out I like to listen to something helpful like an audiobook, Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great one if you want to learn wealth management. Or I will listen to something relaxing like a guided meditation, Freedom Guru app for the win again!

I love to read my horoscope every day. It’s a fun way to get a dose of inspiration, but also it does well to uncover some of those subconscious thoughts you may not even realize you’re having currently. So, in combination with different crystals, these methods of manifestation create a dynamic concoction towards attracting my happiest self and highest power.

Dimension Jumping

This is one I had not previously heard of but I can fathom why it would be strong for methods of manifestation. It involves writing down your current situation and your dream situation on sticky notes. Then place them on two different glasses. Fill the glass with what is with water and pour the water then into what your dream situation is. You can read more about that method here but it is one that I would like to try for myself so I thought I should share it with you!

In that article, the author adds to some of the methods that I previously mentioned, so I thought it was a valuable resource for you to further your reading and learning. As always, continuing to learn and grow is the most important method of manifestation of all! Continuing to work on yourself and work towards your goal would mean that success is inevitable, right?

What do you think? What methods of manifestation do you want to get started on right away? Tell me in the comments!

If you would like more helpful tips and daily action join my Mindset Mastery for Mom Entrepreneurs Facebook Group! It’s a free space to learn and grow and I would love to see you there!


8 thoughts on “Manifestation Methods That Actually Work to Attract Your Happiest Self”

  1. Nice post. I stopped my manifesting in 2020 due to the stress of pregnancy and the pandemic. I started back recently and noticed a huge difference already. I’m going to try dimension jumping. I never heard of that.

  2. Wow this was such an interesting read! I have never heard of dimension jumping before and really want to try this exercise! I started saying daily affirmations and using a gratitude journal this month and my mood has significantly improved since starting!

  3. Love your manifestation methods! Intrigued by the dimension jumping and read the link you shared…. I may just try it! I’m hesitant to spend too much time writing “current situation” or spending time in anything that is not my ideal, so I’ll just write that one quickly for contrast! I like the symbolism and getting into the feeling! 🙂

    1. Yes me too! And I agree, don’t spend too much time on the current. Glad you enjoyed! Hope you get more value from dimension jumping!

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