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How to Build A Healthy Money Mindset to Attract Financial Security

We all have a money mindset that we fall back on. Is yours helping or hurting your ability for abundance?

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As with everything in life, your perspective is your reality. And what you focus on, you create more of in your life. That is the general rules of the universe right there.

So when it comes to a money mindset, how can you flip the script when you genuinely believe that you don’t have enough? Or that there simply isn’t enough for you to have?

I’m going to talk about some of the ways that you need to adjust your thinking to begin attracting the life your want, and then some practical ways on how to do it. But first, we have to define what a money mindset is.

Money Mindset Blocks

Once upon a time, I was a very angry and depressed person. I think we all have our own issues in life and we all handle things differently, some more than others. However, these blocks in our emotional world have real-life consequences.

Since I have made the decision to dedicate my life to living a more happy and fulfilled life, I have had to systematically eliminate various different blocks to my abundance. And a bad money mindset is one I’ve been working on most recently, and that’s why I want to share with you what I have learned!

Money Mindset Story

What’s your story around money? Take a minute to think of the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that you have surrounding money. Do you obsessively punch every penny? Or spend them?

As you go through your thoughts surrounding money you may relate some of these thoughts to your parents or caregivers. How did the people surrounding you in your early life handle money?

You may find that you have adopted some of the money mindsets of the most influential people in your life, for better or worse. Once you begin to understand what your story is surrounding money, then you can begin to unpack it.

A lack mentality.

While you are discovering what your story is you may be finding a central theme that you have surrounding it, which is that there is not enough. Whether there is not enough to go around because it is always spent, or because even when you save everything there still isn’t enough, both are blocking you from your abundance.

A lack mentality is one that consistently tells you that no matter what you do you can’t have what you want. You can only begin to have an abundance mindset when you embrace the idea that what you want is there when you are ready to accept it.

And then you have to allow the universe to meet you there. Which is always the hard part. It is easy to repeat a negative money mindset when you are waiting for your abundance.

A connection to your worthiness.

Money is weirdly connected to your self-worth. The idea that the ‘haves’ are somehow better than the ‘have-nots’ is hard-wired into many of our thinking patterns.

I encourage you to let that idea that you are the amount of money in your bank account go. You are not your bank account!

How do you rewrite the story?

Developing a healthy money mindset starts with unpacking the negative emotions you have tied up in your money story. The idea that you are not worthy unless you have more. Or the notion that you will never be able to have enough to live a comfortable life.

Gabby Bernstein has a wonderful list of different methods to help unpack the negative emotions and embrace the positive.

  1. Once you understand your blocks to abundance, thank them for showing you what you don’t want, and choose the positive.
  2. Honor what you do have. Even if you have zero dollars in your bank account, take stock of what you physically have. You probably have a lot more items of value surrounding you than you realize. Don’t disrespect the abundance that is already yours.
  3. Want more for others. You attract the energy that you put out into the universe. When you send positive, loving energy into the universe, the universe will send it back.
  4. Play the prosperity game! This is where you ‘spend’ money every day, and every day that money doubles. You aren’t physically spending your own money but you are accepting checks from the universe and spending that entire amount every single day to shift your mind from lack to abundance.
  5. Say an abundance prayer. You can use the one that Gabby has used or you can create one similar for yourself.

These practices are all about eliminating a negative money mindset and embracing the abundance of the universe.

As with many other things in life, you have to first acknowledge that it exists before you can do anything about it. So start today by analyzing your money mindset so that you can release your limiting beliefs surrounding money.

For myself, I started playing the prosperity game. My husband and I started at $1,000 and we have doubled it every day since. We find that we really just want to travel more. What about you? I would love to hear what amount of money you want to start with!

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