My Top 5 Tips for Kickstarting Motivation

Motivation for those days you just don’t have it in you.

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Celebrate the little things. 

  • You woke up today. 
  • Take a shower?
  • Eat today? 
  • Work out? Bonus Points there!
  • If you have a job you travel to, did you go to work?
  • Did you drink water?

Motivation is movement, get moving, and keep going! If you didn’t do one of these things, why not?

Why not now? If it’s 2 PM and you haven’t showered, it’s not too late. It’s never “too late” to take a shower, drink some water, eat if you haven’t. Once you do, pat yourself on the back! You’re killing it! Sometimes, it’s not about when or how, if you got it done, you’re doing better than you were before. 

A workout? Maybe you never work out. Do 5 crunches, pushups, or LEG LIFTS, something! Anything! Get your body moving for a little, not only does it release the “happy” chemicals in your brain, you always feel better after because you did SOMETHING! (even better, go outside, get some fresh air, nature, and sunshine if you can!)

Skip work today? Just not feeling it? Mental health days are important too! Don’t sweat it if you need it! If you need the money, there are tons of opportunities out there nowadays, check some out!

If your job is draining, or if you just can’t stand it and/or your coworkers, APPLY TO A NEW JOB! Trust me, they don’t need you, they’ll hire someone else tomorrow, do you want your legacy to be “Worked forever at a job they hated-did not live life to the fullest.”

I just about did that, multiple times, call it loyalty, responsibility, what have you, it wasn’t worth it!! You only live once right?

Motivation is knowing you’re already doing better than before!

Don’t forget you’ve got a lot to appreciate too! Motivation is 90% appreciation, 10% action. You’re most likely looking at this on your phone. On social media. Where you have lots of friends. 

Hold up, you have a phone!? Not everyone does. If it’s old or new, it works well enough to look at this!

What else do you have to be grateful for? Maybe make a list. Then make a list of things you think you’re good at, you’re unique, there’s no one else like you! Got work to do? Why not try it now? I bet you’re feeling a little better by now. 


If every day you practice these simple things, I challenge you to go a whole week! And then another! Then they will become a habit! When you’re in the habit, build on that foundation.

Do 10 crunches, drink MORE water, eat healthier options, set a schedule of when you have pockets of time for MORE. Maybe your side hustle needs some work?

Need to clean out your closet (metaphorically or literally)? Before you know it you’re a positively productive person, now go out there and conquer your fears and attain your wildest dreams!!! There’s a lot of life to be living!!


Breathe it all in. For one minute, breathe, and try not to think of anything. Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Things happen in their own time. If one door doesn’t open, maybe it wasn’t your door. There’s no ‘right’ way to live this life, there’s no magic formula.

I think ‘motivation’ gets so wrapped up in ‘productivity’ when they’re really two separate things. You can be motivated to work your side hustle all day long when you can’t work on it yet.

You can be productive all day and not motivated. Sometimes you just don’t have a goal or a direction yet. I can help you with that!

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