National Authors Day

Happy National Authors Day! Here Are My 5 All-Time Favorites!

National Authors Day is like my Christmas, here are some of my favorites!

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It embarrasses me to think of how long it took me to write my first book. Like when you’re looking for something that is right in front of your face but you can’t see it.

It’s always in the last place you look! Right? What a stupid phrase, why would you keep looking for something after you’ve already found it?

But now that I’ve found it I’m all in! Here are some of my inspirations, my top 5 favorite authors of all time.

National Authors Day First on the List is Gabby Bernstein.

Now, this list isn’t in order of my favorite to least favorite, but I did separate them slightly by category. I wanted to start my National Authors Day list with the two authors that helped me come to write my own book more than any others.

It’s not a secret that I started my entrepreneurial career in a direct sales company. Nor is it any secret that it was extremely difficult for me to do what I was supposed to do to get sales and make money. But it was when I was listening to a network marketing boss lady that she mentioned Gabby Bernstein’s Super Attractor.

So I gave her a listen and she is phenomenal! And she’s everything I want her to be, a little hippy, a little rock and roll, and always surprising me. Before long I was a Miracle Member, listening to her podcast, buying what she was selling, getting what she was promoting, and just completely immersed in Gabby world.

One day soon I will have to do an entire post dedicated to her, but for now, I will celebrate her and her amazing work with self-help. She is truly an inspiration to me! Happy days is her new book, and if you get it before 2/2022 you will get a free ticket to one of her live events. I highly suggest that you do!

Gabby’s inspiration is also mine, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Interestingly enough I was introduced to Dr. Dyer in my younger years when I was angry at the world. Since then, I’ve put a lot of time and effort into accepting the role that I play in my own life, and forgiving the outside influences on my life. I think it’s a little bit about growing up too.

It would not be National Authors Day without celebrating Dr. Dyer though because he, with Gabby, has helped me release a lot of what held me back. His book Excuses Begone was my introduction to his world and it was like he was in my head, it was alarming. In the best sense of the word.

The book below, Your Erroneous Zones was in face the book gifted to me long ago, that I have yet to read. My dream life is to make so much money writing books that I have long periods of time in which to read all of the books on my list.

This book focuses a lot on eliminating negative thinking, something I always needed. Tony and Sage Robbins helped with their Freedom Guru App, but it is something I need to continue to reinforce.

You have to include J.K. Rowling, right?

Now, no one needs to tell you that Harry Potter is amazing. Whether you like the series or not, her fame from the series is astounding. National Authors Day wouldn’t be complete without J.K. Rowling if only for that reason alone.

I am an unabashed Harry Potter enthusiast. While I am not immersed in the fandom like some others are, I appreciate everything about the series. The movies are not included in the series in my opinion.

And even though J.K. Rowling does not need to continue to work to make money, she is! The Christmas Pig is a new release from her that I would love to get for my own kids, to continue to support her as an author.

Controversial National Authors Day Pick is George R.R. Martin

I say controversial because specifically speaking, I don’t know that I love the Game of Thrones series because I haven’t been able to finish it yet! George the fandom is crying for its completion!

Of course, the HBO series gave me a sense of closure, but not an altogether satisfying one. I know it was rumored that George was upset that the television series surpassed his books and that maybe he threw a bit of an artistic fit over it. Or maybe he sincerely doesn’t know how to conclude his masterpiece yet.

Either way, he is still a profoundly talented writer that I admire incredibly. His ability to paint pictures for the reader, create a world complete with rulers and subjects, plus add dragons and white walkers is a kind of genius I have to acclaim.

The book below is the prequel to the Game of Thrones world that I still have to read. That, along with The World of Ice & Fire. While Fire & Blood is specifically about the House Targaryen, Ice & Fire is a more complete history. Both of which I can’t wait to lose myself in, once my kids are old enough that I no longer have the attention span of a goldfish.

New York Times Best Selling Author Patricia Briggs

Patricia may be the least known author on the list, in my personal experience at least, but she is the one I seek out regularly. I simply cannot get enough of the world she’s created, firstly with her Mercy Thompson series. Secondly for her Alpha and Omega series.

While both series are a part of an interconnected world, Anna and Mercy being sort of in-laws, Patricia does a wonderful job of giving them unique personalities. She makes my National Authors Day list because of her obvious love for what she does!

It’s ‘easy’ to have one series that makes it big, but another to have a continued successful series. I aspire most to be like Patricia Briggs because she, like another favorite Janet Evanovich, creates a rich world that I love to become a part of. It’s not difficult to lose yourself in the pages of the world she’s created and her obvious love of writing is evident in every book!

Her series is like my favorite television series, Supernatural, where every episode is kind of the same but not at all. Each time there are the same main characters. New ones are added, others are gone, but they all work together to build a complete world. Where at any time, a favorite can be brought back. And each character adds to their story each time, adding complexity.

The book below is her latest in her Mercy Thompson series. I can’t wait to find out who (and what) the villain will be this time. And who (and what) will aid in saving the day! Will it be the fae? The witches? I hope Stefan is a major part of the story, her vampire protector, with who she shares a bond. Much to her mate Adam’s dismay.

Who tops your National Authors Day list?

I could literally go on for days about what authors I love, and which ones I want to love. And which ones I can’t stand. There will always be some of those!

But I bring this list to you not only to celebrate some amazing authors. And to show YOU what is possible! Oftentimes the thought comes to mind of a starving artist. But this list is proof that it is not always the case!

In fact, I could make a list of 100 successful authors and I would still miss thousands! But important to note is that in each of these authors’ cases, their books aren’t their only source of income.

They have affiliate deals, merchandise, products, courses, memberships, licensing deals, and more! Keep that in mind while you’re building your empire, my friend.

And before you go, grab a copy of my book Fireflies, discounted for a limited time! I may just top your National Authors Day list one day!


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