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New Year’s Day Tips to Bring You A Happy and Healthy Future

New Year’s Day tips that will set your coming year up for success.

You, me, and everyone between want this New Year’s Day to mark a phenomenal new beginning to our lives. If there is anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s that many of us have wasted a lot of time. A lot of time on things that simply don’t matter.

First and foremost, we can all agree that to be able to hug our loved ones is a blessing. It’s been over a year now since I last hugged my grandparents and FaceTime just does not cut it! Secondly, I have a new addition to my family! My new little one that very few have had the pleasure to meet yet. And baby snuggles are by far the best.

Finally, I think we all can agree that even given the time, some people will never appreciate it. And that is their loss! But for those that miss you, and you them. Let’s all agree to love each other a little more in the coming years.

While 2020 has stripped many of us of our frivolity, it has also given us more. 2020 has given us all a chance to do better in the coming years. So, with that, after you utilize some tips for sticking to your resolutions. Here are some superstitions to add a little luck to your efforts in the New Year.

New Year’s Day Superstitions

I love superstitions, they make me feel connected to something bigger than me. Many superstitions began in Pagan times. They have been carried to us via oral history from ancestors we couldn’t trace if we wanted to. While these stories have inevitably changed throughout history. Here are some that might add a little magic to your celebrations today.

  • Making resolutions.
    • Ancient Romans would enter temples with their right foot, the “better” foot. They did this to start the new year off, quite literally on the right foot.
    • Resolutions are a newer way of starting the New Year on the right foot.
  • Fireworks!
    • While this may not seem like a superstition. It was previously thought that making lots of noise would scare away evil.
    • In different countries around the world, the tradition is slightly different. But most have to do with banishing demons and other evil spirits.
  • Eating different food for luck.

Whatever you do for luck you have to believe it!

Above all else, you have to believe in the power of your own mind. And the ability to manifest all the luck that you desire. I think that many forget that New Year’s Day is meant to represent a new beginning. Consequently, you have to let go of the past! Ridding yourself of anxiety and fear goes a long way to creating a new future for yourself.

Getting rid of old belief systems and self-limiting beliefs is perhaps why many do fail at their New Year’s Day resolutions. It takes a great deal of acknowledging the things that you do that hold you back. Then more to embracing the idea that you do deserve more out of life.

Some things that I suggest as you ponder what you want your New Year to look like are to journal your thoughts. This past year, what went well? And what didn’t? If you know more about my life story, you’ll know that I was a victim of myself for a long time.

You may be sabotaging yourself without even realizing it as I did. While you sit and journal, also remember how awesome you are! That you are not only worthy and deserving of your dreams but that you are capable of achieving them too!

Affirmations are a very helpful tool in maintaining the drive to visualize a better future for yourself. For those that believe in the universe, horoscopes are another great tool for managing your mental state. Utilize them as you set out to build a new future.

New Year’s Day is a blessing!

I don’t care how last year was for you. That’s not to sound harsh or cold, but carrying the past around with you like a red badge of courage is only killing that fire you need. It takes one to know one.

Somehow, at the end of the majority of my posts, I end up with this diatribe of hope and inspiration. Now, I know that I do this because if it were me writing to myself (as I very well may be) I would want to read this often. You can create your own future. And it can be the future you dream about.

What I want you to remember about this coming year is that it is not a given. That might be written on my tombstone when I inevitably pass along to another realm. Nothing in life is a given. Here today, gone tomorrow. New Year’s Day is meant to celebrate another year (on an otherwise insignificant calendar) that you are still here on this earth.

Don’t waste any more time on this earth not being happy and fulfilled with exactly what you’ve got right now! Because you might not have it tomorrow. Live every day as if it were magical folks.

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