promote your book with free book promotion sites

How To Promote Your Book Using Free Book Promotion Sites

Promote your book using free promotion sites, please! It is a life-saver!

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I wasn’t always an author. That’s always a funny thing I think people say, “I wasn’t always ___”. Because, of course, you weren’t. No one was born in the profession they’re in now, though some may start earlier, we all have to learn how to do whatever it is we do.

That point aside, I got started in entrepreneurship via a direct sales company. It was one of those things, I’d never really heard of it therefore how could I consider it?

But through trial and error, I started building an online brand that has turned into me writing books. Let me tell you, being an author is my favorite hat to wear in my entrepreneurial journey. Being an author was great, but the next problem was learning how to promote your book.

I’m telling you this because with any business venture you need to start building a reputation. And starting a blog, a YouTube channel, and building up your social media presence is so important today. But you can accomplish the same thing with less hassle by promoting your book with free promotion sites.

Which free promotion sites do I recommend?

Previously I have mentioned some of these sites but here’s a quick list of places to promote your book.

If you know of other sites to promote your book on please let me know below! But basically, these are the main sites I’ve seen time and time again. My video last week on YouTube gave a quick rundown on the popular free book promotion sites I’ve listed above including some positives and negatives I’ve found.

So how do these sites help you promote your book?

Basically, the sites all boil down to a few key elements.

  • Join group promos
  • Create group promos
  • Newsletter swaps
  • ARC’s
  • Reader Magnets
  • Beta Copies
  • Direct Downloads

Plus if you pay for the free book promotion sites, they’re no longer free, but you get email subscribers! And if you don’t know, for every one subscriber on your email list can be one dollar you make a month. So, the more the merrier! And you won’t sell any if you don’t promote your book anywhere.

These sites access your ideal audience.

If you’re new to the world of online business and marketing, they’ll all say the first step is to identify your ideal client. Who your ideal customer is depends on what you’re selling to them. If you think about it, you wouldn’t want to promote your book to your polar opposite, they wouldn’t be into it.

These free book promotion sites allow you to access the exact audience that would be interested in what kind of book you’re selling. Just pay attention to the specific group promotion that you’re joining.

For instance, my books are Celtic romance novels. So I want to target promos (and audiences) that are into witches, mythology, fairies, Gods and Goddesses, and steamy romance. I wouldn’t join a Christian clean romance group to promote your book. Make sense?

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  1. This is a fabulous resource on how to promote your book. I’m planning on writing an eBook, and I will be looking into these!

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