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Top 5 Tips to Raise Your Vibration So You Can Do What You Love

Doing what you love makes you happy and should raise your vibration to bring more positivity to you.

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Doing what you love sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? If you do what you love naturally you’ll be a happier person. But sometimes people and things can ruin the fun of it for you.

That was something I feared when I decided to pursue a writing career. First with my blog and secondly with my books. It’s always nerve-wracking to put yourself out there, but especially so when it is something that is near and dear to you as writing is for me.

It’s like bearing my soul to total strangers. What if they reject it? Coupled with my fear of rejection made it a daunting experience. So these are my tips for you who identify with what I’m saying.

Raise your vibration by defining what you love.

Define what you love, how? When I say I love writing that can mean anything. It sounds specific, but you need to get more specific than that. Do you love writing research papers or poems? Haiku’s or prose? About nature or science?

Get really raw and authentic about what you love. Immediately you can feel the raise in your vibration just by defining the precise thing that gets your heart rate to spike.

For myself that is romance novels, more specifically paranormal romance novels. And then I take it a step further with reverse harem Celtic Gods and Goddesses paranormal romance novels. I guess the Celtic Gods and Goddesses part can be replaced with other such paranormal things. But if you’re like me that will raise your vibration immediately too.

Great, but what do you want from it?

Define what you want from what you love. Do you want critical acclaim? Worldwide renown? Or enough to send your kids to college and retire at a respectable age?

What raises your vibration more? The fortune and the fame, or just a mellow peaceful, happy existence? Each set of ideals will either incite fear or peace of mind in you and that’s how you’ll know.

Depending on what it is that you love will change the questions here but consider it before making any rash decisions. If you love to paint but you don’t want anything from it then that’s okay too! Don’t pursue putting your work in an art gallery then because you might not like the attention that you get from it.

Does it raise your vibration or bring it down?

Figure out how to incorporate doing what you love. If you love skiing but your significant other becomes jealous and upset that you never spend time with them is that going to be okay with you? Do you need to cut back on skiing or find a significant other that loves it as obsessively as you do?

Again, I love writing, and if I could I would do a lot more of it. And reading. But I have kids whom I love more than life itself. When I try to combine the two it tends to make me more frustrated than not. Except for those few magical moments that I can masterfully combine the two.

Things that bring you joy should only raise your vibration. When you’re biting off more than you can chew and it starts to bring you down you should reanalyze. I can read and write with my kids when we are relaxing and watching TV, not when they want to play.

Create boundaries around it with yourself and your loved ones.

Again, it is something that should raise your vibration even more not bring it down. If my husband is trying to have a conversation with me but I’m trying to write, we both get frustrated. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence since we both write from home, but we’ve found boundaries that work.

Since my main focus is the kids, I will sometimes schedule an hour to sit in the other room to write while he has the kids. Then when I come back out I’m now in charge of the kids. That is by design and it is what I wanted because I wanted to work from home so that I could take care of the kids. But bills still have to get paid.

If you’re not communicating clearly with yourself and others about how to best raise your vibration with something you love you or they might become resentful. And if that is the case your vibes get lower and so do theirs and you attract more negative vibes.

Surrender and surrender more.

You want to raise your vibration by maintaining a healthy perspective on what it is that brings you joy. If I get all bent out of shape that my books aren’t making millions yet, and I’ve only published one so far, well I should probably take a chill pill. They might make millions for all I know, but having that pressure is only bringing me down.

Even though for myself, I would love to make millions with my writing, I’m simply not there yet. When I catch myself in that negative story, I try to remember my favorite, Gabby Bernstein. She always says, “When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.”

It helps raise your vibration because it’s not really up to you. Then you’re just a manic manifester and the universe won’t mesh with that energy you’re putting out. Keep a healthy dose of support from the universe and just keep working on raising your vibration by doing what you love.

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips to Raise Your Vibration So You Can Do What You Love”

  1. I love this so much! I really needed this boost today. Thanks for sharing this motivation. I am going to work on raising my vibration.

  2. It’s so important to be on high vibes to attract your desires. I think we all fall into the trap of everyday duties and sometimes forget about long-term goals. Thank you for this reminder to keep my vibrations high 🙂

  3. This is a great post. I have had to do some re-evaluating recently. Because of that I definitely raised my vibration. I’m also working on figuring out the boundaries with my work.

  4. I love this positive reminder to really get in touch with what you love. It’s something we can sometimes skip over if we’re not careful–thank you for sharing!

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