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Read Paranormal Romance Novels Online Free With This Exceptional Site

Wondering where to read paranormal romance novels online free? Look no further!

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When I began researching how to market my book in preparation for the launch of my next book. I came across this awesome site. And now I want to share it with you!

In the future, I will do a roundup post on how to market your book. But this is a great easy way to do the most important thing. Offer your paranormal romance novels online free!

It’s not only paranormal romance novels online free

This website does it all (romance book-wise)! This awesome site is called Prolific Works. It is one of the only sites that I have been able to find that could host my book to give away for free.

I’ve previously discussed different websites for getting reviews for your book that offer your book for free. But those had limitations that this one does not. In particular, Booksprout only offers your book for free for a limited time. I realized I would have had to renew the listing to do it again.

Furthermore, a requirement of Booksprout is that the reader is supposed to post a review. That doesn’t work for everyone! If I were looking for paranormal romance novels online free I wouldn’t want to have to post a review.

But is it really free?

Yes! Not only can you read paranormal romance novels online free with this site you can post yours free too.

Naturally, they have more features available when you upgrade. Things like gaining subscribers to your email list and integrating it with an email service. As well as customizable giveaways and things like that.

You don’t need to get the full thing if you don’t want it unless you want to add a second pen name. And if I’m correct, the books are really free!

Why does this help market your book?

Again, everyone likes free. But you can offer your book for free directly before the next launch in a series, or only promotional when it’s first out.

The trouble is that Amazon will offer Kindle Unlimited, but not actually free. Which, I get! Amazon wants to make their money, so you can’t offer your book free directly with that platform.

So far, Prolific Works is the only site I’ve found that offers paranormal romance novels online free, for real. Not a subscription basis like Kindle Unlimited. Only ebooks, but that’s totally okay with me!

But how do I get them on my mailing list?

So the people that read through Prolific Works, you’re probably not going to get. You can optimize your author dashboard to maybe pull them in.

But the paranormal romance novels online free readers from Facebook and other social media platforms you can use a landing page. Take the group giveaway link, create a landing page with your email service, and link it to send right away to the page.

The reader will still have to go through Prolific Works but you’ve gotten their email! Embed the landing page or form into your website too, so you can catch them there too.

Like this 😘


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