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How is A Scarcity Mindset Keeping You Stuck in A Negative Cycle?

My scarcity mindset will keep me broke forever if I let it.

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I am cheap. There I admitted it. As if anyone that knows me doesn’t know it already. The difference is, I wasn’t always this bad, but I allowed myself to get here because of a scarcity mindset.

Years ago, in my prime, I was crushing it. I had plenty in the bank, I could buy whatever I wanted, and I did! But I was also 20, single, living at home, and my finances were great but my personal life was a wreck.

Fast forward and now I’m married with two kids, no ‘job’, there’s a pandemic, and I’m undoubtedly the happiest I’ve ever been. But my finances are in shambles *kind of*. The problem with my finances more than anything is my mindset about it.

Identify what ways you live out a scarcity mindset?

For me, it’s even squeezing the life out of every tube of toothpaste like I’ll never own another. Do you do absurd things like that too? My husband had to tell me it’s okay to buy cheddar cheese instead of American, it’s only pennies different.

You see, something happened when I was laid off from my traditional job. I started living as if I would never get another paycheck, and guess what? The universe responded in kind, and for a while, I was not getting paychecks!

But it’s more than just financially, it’s in tons of other ways you may not even recognize yet. Every time you let someone get away with disrespecting you for the sake of keeping the peace is a scarcity mindset. If they don’t respect you, bye!

All of those times you don’t speak up because you don’t think you’ll be accepted, lack mindset. And when you don’t practice your self-care because you think you need to hurry up that day, you’re worthy of that time!

How is scarcity keeping you stuck?

How to get out of it is to start being more liberal with certain things. Take that time in the morning that you don’t think you can and practice some self-care. You deserve that time that is just for you! Wake up early if you have to or cancel that appointment if it gets in the way of your mental health.

When you align your energy with the energy of abundance, more abundance will find you. If someone doesn’t respect your boundaries, walk away. Even if it’s family, you deserve respect. Allowing negative energies to affect your personal life and mental health is a decision you are making, and you don’t have to!

Spend more freely, with your time and your money. Do more things that make you smile, that fill your cup, that keeps you in a state of appreciation. The more gratitude you show for what you do have, the more the universe will want to shower you with gifts.

How to get out of lack and into abundance.

For finances, plan out what you make and what you can give away. Every day Jessica and Ray Hidgon give away 10% of their money and save 20%, if I’m remembering correctly. As big leaders in the Network Marketing industry, something they teach is Wealth Wednesday’s where you’re encouraged to give something away freely.

Like dropping $5 in a diaper box when you’re in the grocery store or donating things you’re no longer using, it’s a simple concept designed to get out of a scarcity mindset and into abundance. And it works! I recently did a test for myself to align myself with an abundance mindset and the better I felt giving freely, the more money made its way to me.

And it’s not just money. The more I respect myself and demand the same from others, the more I get. There is no reason to disrespect yourself for someone else, if they loved you they wouldn’t want to. And vice versa!

Start small and build on it. One day set an easy boundary, buy the fancy cheese, donate the dollar in your pocket. The next day, appreciate what you have and do a little more.

Dr. Wayne Dyer does a great job explaining these mind viruses and more, please check it out if you want more support! Here’s to your best life.

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