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How Self-Limiting Beliefs Are Destroying your Dreams.

Your self-limiting belief of “I could never do that!”

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I got started in my direct sales company like “I can do ANYTHING if it means that I can finally live the life I’ve always dreamed of!” Only to find myself starting and stopping things repeatedly because I couldn’t do it!

The more I told this self-limiting belief to myself the more I believed it! That is the importance of what you tell yourself!

Other self-limiting beliefs include. “There aren’t enough hours in the day, I’m too shy, I’ve tried!” The worst one of all was “I guess no one likes me.”

Now tell me how many of you feel that way or have felt that way in your life? I’m not just talking about in your career either, but in your life in general.

How often do you feel like you’re simply not enough? You’re not pretty enough, not smart enough, not capable enough.

Enough already!!!

Let me tell you, friends, that is the number one reason why you’re ‘not enough’ is because you don’t believe it yourself! Now I know I’ve written about daily affirmations and their importance, but this is about identifying the lies you tell yourself.

What are some of the self-limiting beliefs that you hold to be true in your life? It takes real digging, at least it did for me, and it took my husband pointing a lot of these things out to me as well.

I’ve always suffered from chronic “what do they really think of me?” I mean I would have a pleasant day out with people and I would spend the next week or more analyzing every little bit of the conversation, their body language, my body language, what was actually said versus what did they mean though?

I’ve labeled it ‘market research’ and tried to explain it away as a means of understanding my role in life and other peoples’ lives but in reality, it was my own self-consciousness and insecurities that were just trying to tear me apart! I pride myself on always trying to be nice, always trying to do the right thing, always trying to just be pleasant and likable because I think this world is mean enough, I don’t want to add to it!!!

The reality is though, and I can tell you this first hand, you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea no matter how hard you try.

It’s a people-pleaser mentality that I’ve had to unlearn my entire life. That’s not to say that I still don’t enjoy making other people happy, that’s not to say that I still don’t go out of my way for people that I love and that love me, it’s simply saying that I’ve had to learn to be honest with myself.

If I don’t want to go to a party, I don’t have to! If I don’t like the shirt my mother got me I can tell her that and we can exchange it. And if someone hurts my feelings, I don’t need to just suck it up and take it every time! Of course in my life I’ve had a backbone when it truly mattered, but it was all those little things in between that weren’t really a big deal that I was still compromising myself for to make other people happy.

They say it’s the little things that count, and that goes both ways, positive and negative. Self-limiting beliefs are the negative things you think about yourself.

Little things like what do I want to eat for lunch, what time can we meet there, what show do you want to watch? Bless my husband but he dealt with a lot of ‘I don’t cares’ in our relationship, but why I married him is because he always knew what I wanted. He always made it a point to do what I truly wanted to do, and remind me that I’m allowed to have an opinion, a preference, a voice.

You just have to be careful what voice you’re using. If you are only telling yourself more self-limiting beliefs then it’s almost like you shouldn’t be talking. You need to nurture positive affirmations and eliminate self-limiting beliefs altogether.

I hope you have someone that encourages you to have a voice. I hope someone does what you want too. Just in case there isn’t though…this is here for you. I’m here for you. If you want more, more life, more happiness, more peace, reach out to me today.

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