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Sell eBooks Faster With This One Cool Trick

This trick will help you sell ebooks by as much as 8x!

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When I finished writing my second book I said okay so how do I launch this one? And naturally, you want to sell ebooks like crazy, because why not? You make more money and they’re easier to get customers AND repeat customers. Plus I love it writing books!

Plus the added benefit of getting email subscribers and social media followers and so on. Of course, with traditional books, you can too but there is the chance with physical books that they’re less techy and may be less likely to follow you and buy all of your stuff.

So when I was researching how to do it there was one thing that stood out above the rest. I will share that below plus the different ways you can accomplish it.

Sell eBooks where?

I’ll begin this with the different platforms you can sell them on because they’ll each have advantages and disadvantages. Of course, Amazon is the biggest retailer that you can sell ebooks on but it does not have the feature that we need for today’s purposes.

The second favorite is Ingramspark, which is another popular way to publish full-content books with an ISBN. Again this doesn’t serve our purposes. So why am I telling you about them?

Ingramspark and Amazon can help you get into other bigger retailers that can help us today. Additionally, once you do this one thing there is apparently a hack that will help you get the desired result on the other platforms.

So where should I publish?

Let’s preface this by stating that this tactic works best when you’re selling more than one book. Because you want to sell ebooks not just give them away. You need to make a profit!

In my instance when I began writing I knew it would be a trilogy. And in my marketing research, I was looking specifically at how to market the second book in the trilogy.

Where can you market your second book then? There is Apple, Barnes and Noble, BookBub, Draft2Digital, Prolific Works, Booksprout, Bookfunnel, and Story Origin. All of these platforms can offer your ebook for free. To get Amazon to you have to alert it of the price change and enlist your friends and family to help you. Kind of annoying but possible!

How do I sell ebooks then?

Well, you’re going to sell ebooks with your subsequent books. But with one book of your choice, you’re going to want to offer it perma-free. You heard me, permanently free!

“BookBub partners who make the first book in their series free see 8x higher sales of the other books in the series than partners who discount the first book to $0.99 instead.”


Did you read that!? 8x higher sales on subsequent books! That is what it’s all about my friend. Usually, you would offer the first book in the series for free, but depending on what you’re writing you can make your best educated guess on what would work for your audience.

So what do you think? Are you going to offer your book for free?

As a first-time author myself, it is scary to ‘miss out’ on that revenue but ultimately you can make up for it up to 8x more later and that is fine by me!

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20 thoughts on “Sell eBooks Faster With This One Cool Trick”

    1. Good, I’m glad! It was intimidating the first time but the second time around was much easier. I wish you the best if you decide to give it a try!

  1. It sounds so cool to write a book. It’s definitely on my mind but in the future. That’s a very helpful article when it comes to selling the book. You gave me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I always learn so much when reading your posts! Although I’m not looking to sell snooks right now I definitely have some more knowledge for when it’s time! But for right now I’ll take the info from today and use it to find new place to get some e books! Thanks for sharing 😀

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