3 Tips to Help You Spend Christmas Your Way

Because it’s your Christmas too!

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The holidays have always been a time of stress for me. I’m certain that I’m not alone in this!

For my family, my parents divorced when I was young and so Christmas was always spent divided. We would go to my father’s on Christmas Eve and my mother’s for Christmas then my aunt and uncles later that day. Now that I’m an adult the only thing that changed is that now we have to coordinate work schedules, and haul my kids with me plus add in my in-laws.

So these are my tips for you who have felt like I have around the holidays. Like if you could just multiply yourself that would be great.

It is YOUR Christmas as much as it is anyone else’s.

Don’t do what they want just because it’s what they want. This is your life, so nobody else gets to tell you how to live it!

But don’t forget that the reason they want to spend Christmas is likely because they enjoy your company. If that’s not the case then don’t do it!

Your time, energy, and money are equally as important as anybody else’s. You are under no obligation to overtax yourself if you don’t want to or if it’s not being appreciated!

Plan ahead! If you have your own business plan your content ahead of time so you can relax the day of.

Since I work from home many people get this conception that money falls out of the sky for me and nobody else. NOT TRUE!

So, keep your business running smoothly by planning ahead! Use a planner like Tailwind for your social media posts, schedule your YouTube videos in advance, and write swiftly with Grammarly and schedule those posts too!

Honestly, now that I have kids I start getting ready for Christmas as soon as September rolls around. It sounds crazy but it works!

Get out of your own way. Sometimes silly things can ruin your Christmas but only if you let it!

Getting yourself set up ahead of time is a huge advantage! But other things like practicing mindfulness, envisioning a peaceful Christmas, and just plain wanting to enjoy it go a long way!

Make sure you get into a good mindset for the day of. Nothing can ruin your day but you! First thing in the morning ask your Higher Power, ‘What would have me do, where would you have me go, what would you have me say, and to whom?’ to quote Gabby Bernstein.

Nothing can get in the way of you enjoying Christmas, barring exceptional circumstances. Just remember that today, as with every other day, it is your life to live so live it your way!

Merry Christmas my friend and a Happy New Year! Live life to the fullest!


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