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Productive Things To Do During Coronavirus Instead of Only Binging Netflix.

Being productive at home is a skill. Well, because I love being stuck at home!

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***These are only my suggestions I am not an authority-please refer to CDC Guidelines***

No, seriously…

I live for rainy days, snowy days, inclement weather of any type if it means I can *reasonably* stay at home all day. It doesn’t make me lazy because I tend to do nerdy things like reading books on personal development, write about personal growth, or occasionally watch educational shows, movies, webinars, and the like. Learning is my passion, so what? Being productive can be fun if you love what you do.

However, all that learning means I’ve got some wisdom for those of you that aren’t looking forward to sitting there for maybe two weeks with no paycheck in sight.

So here’s my advice to you.

  • Clean out your closet!
    • Donating clothes is a great way to give back, or make money with some of your more fashionable items, ask me where. It’s also a great way to feel productive.
  • Clean your car!
    • I don’t think I’ve cleaned out my center console since I got my car…use what you find for a hobby maybe!
  • Backup your phone/pictures/laptop
    • It’s one of those things I’m notoriously bad at. Thank goodness for automatic backups but a good real one every now and then doesn’t hurt.
  • Start or finish a hobby
    • I have some knitting projects I could finish up. Maybe scrapbook, create a collage, learn to paint. Art is productive too.
    • If you have kids get a head start on some fun DIY St. Patrick’s Day crafts! Ask me for more hobby ideas!
    • Check out AudiobooksNow where you can get 50% off your first one right now!

What productive books do I recommend?

  • Learn a new trade
    • Now’s the time to start that side hustle you’ve always dreamed of! That blogging hobby could become profitable, or maybe you’ve had your eyes on a certain company you’d like to work with.
    • Reach out to me for more ideas or help on getting started!
  • Research stocks!
    • I am NOT a guru of any sort when it comes to stocks but a cool app I have is super user-friendly.
    • I am also a believer in grabbing up good stocks while the market is way down because of this virus. Message me for my app or if you’d like to know what stocks I’ve recently invested in. It’s a really fulfilling productive activity.
  • Masks!
    • One of those things that I love to do but never make time for. Is your skin too oily, too dry, too dull?
    • Ask me what is best for your skin!
  • Full-on makeover

Relaxing can be productive too!

  • Binge-watch tv/clean up your DVR
    • You can still binge watch tv and be learning at the same time! Some of my favorite educational programs are history and science-related, ask me what I binge-watch.
  • Organize your DVD’s, cabinets, etc.
    • You know you have piles of random stuff in some random drawer that you could totally just throw out or reorganize.
  • Make your survival kit!
    • All those drawers I just told you to organize? Put the flashlights and the matches somewhere more readily accessible in the event that this gets WAY more out of control than even this widespread panic is making it feel like.
    • Go check out Gerber’s bundles for what stage your children are in and sign up so you can take one more thing off of your survival list!
  • Make your list.
    • What other survival tools would you need on hand to make it if this happens again?
    • Do you have backup Lysol, water, matches? Do you have enough canned goods and freezer food? This is a great way to remain productive year round.

How to prepare in bulk.

  • Learn how to make money from home.
    • If this does happen again, is your job going to help you buy those essentials for next time? Or are you going to be stuck at home turning off all lights and unplugging all electronics to save on that electrical bill?
    • One of my favorite easy ways is with Survey Junkie who will pay you for your time by taking surveys. Go check it out to see if its for you!
    • Start a home business! Take my quiz for what business would be best for you!
    • Start a blog with Bluehost, they have the best pricing and the best customer service you could want which is huge for a beginner!
    • Learn from a pro! Whether it’s monetizing an email list, blog, or your Instagram Elaine Rau is the person you need! She’s the guru for personal branding and building a business!
    • Need more help? Get my Attraction Marketing 101 Course to get you started today!

No matter what you do in your self-quarantine please everyone stay safe, don’t panic, and be realistic! If you think you’re going to have to stay home for the next two weeks, maybe buy and freeze a little more food, grab more batteries, an extra case of water.

It doesn’t help to panic but it always helps to be prepared! I consider myself an expert at every day panic (also known as hoarding, hypochondria, generalized anxiety) so I am consistently ready to be stuck at home for weeks at a time, stay tuned for my tips on what preparedness looks like!


2 thoughts on “Productive Things To Do During Coronavirus Instead of Only Binging Netflix.”

  1. Great ideas! I think the widespread panic has made people forget that they will be given an opportunity to do something most of us work everyday for…spending time with loved ones! Okay, maybe after being quarantined for more than a couple weeks you might need some space. That’s where that side hustle you talked about comes in!

    1. Thank you! Yes I could not agree more, I have worked very hard to spend time with my loved ones and a forced quarantine is a great opportunity for my family to do things we love to do while letting a lot of the processes we’ve worked so hard to obtain work for us for a little. That’s why we started side hustles after all!

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