MaskRack: The Number One Product You Need for 2020!

MaskRack! The greatest product of 2020.

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So, picture this, I’m a mother of two kids under the age of two. As in, one is classified as an infant still and the other is barely considered a toddler. They’re about 13 months apart. And we live on the second floor apartment and 2020 happened.

No one expected 2020. And for many it’s been tremendously difficult and stressful, and for good reason! All of the sudden we can’t use our parents and grandparents as babysitters because we fear for their health and safety, we fear for ours and our children’s health and safety. Never mind now we’re all stuck at home, and worried about finances and everything else under the sun.

Enter MaskRack.

Obviously, no one was prepared for 2020, and while many watched Netflix (Tiger King!), many others put their thinking caps on. What one couple came up with was MaskRack! Oh my goodness, if you don’t know, now you know, and you’re welcome.

As a mom of two under the age of two, I’ll be frank, I was totally fine with the stay at home order. I was overwhelmed with visitors with my first, so my second I was able to savor those moments just a little more, in my opinion.

But two kids under two gets…interesting.

To say the least! There was naturally the jealousy at first for my older one. Then the fact that we are on the second floor in our little one bedroom apartment that we have seriously outgrown. And so all of the sudden, getting out of the house was a project like I’ve never before had to tackle.

The MaskRack made that process so much easier! Naturally, at the top of the stairs is a little landing that we use for coats and shoes, but then, what to do with the masks? The MaskRack created a convenient place to safely store our masks, and eliminate the amount of time I had to carry 25 million things, because it also has room for more than just masks!

Yea you heard me!

More than just masks! So the car keys, the toys, the antibacterial, all within easier reaching ability and functionality for me. Because the other thing about 2020 that I wasn’t prepared for was how to keep up with the bills!

All of those letters became where I kept my keys, and where I kept I kept the letters is now where we keep the crayons, and where the end table was is where the jumper is, and so on and so forth. But the masks you don’t want to mess with!

What MaskRack has done for us…
  • Increased our organizational ability.
  • Helped our ability to be “on-time” (because kids).
  • We never forget our masks!
  • No more losing our keys!
  • Allowed for extra cleanliness, hello hand pump sanitizer!
  • Eased our anxiety- losing masks, contaminating things with our masks, etc.
  • Plus I love fun new things!

There is still so much we don’t know but it’s ok as long as we have MaskRack.

With the virus, with the way the world will look once things are “normal” again, what tomorrow will bring. One thing I can say is that if something makes your life a little easier it’s totally worth it!

Like having alarms on your phone, and all of the organizational apps that are available, MaskRack is the thing for 2020. Because at least when everything else feels crazy, you can bring some order to your home and your house. After all, peace of mind is priceless, so eliminating at least a few worries in your daily life is always worth it!

Get in touch with them today! Check them out at their Instagram @Themaskrack.


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