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The Ultimate Goal Guide You Need In Your Life

Why you need this ultimate Goal Guide, from a woman who didn’t think she did.

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I may identify as a lifelong procrastinator. It’s something I’ve always known but I always accomplish what I set out to do. I just may not accomplish it when I would like to all the time. I work better under pressure, I do! And I think my genius shines when my back is up against that deadline.

But I can admit that I always wish that I could do more. That’s where Your Goal Guide by Debra Eckerling comes into play.

I love learning and I always try to improve my skills that’s why I was so excited to jump into this ultimate goal guide! The biggest weakness I’ve found is lists.

My husband will attest that I am atrocious at lists. I still forget things that I have set alarms for. And for the life of me, I will never put something back where it belongs.

In my adult life, it’s gradually gotten worse, as things do when you have more responsibilities to care for. Since kids, in particular, I will say that I need all the help I can get! What I have gathered from this ultimate goal guide is invaluable.

I was doing lists all wrong.

It’s counterproductive to put things on your list that you want to get done in 6 months from now if you don’t transfer that over to the next month.

Also, things that come up, should go on a list right away. Because there are a few other things that I should not let go as long as I do sometimes!

There are different classifications of goals and lists that I was previously unaware of. The explanation of the necessity for different “destinations” made list-making make sense to me.

That’s the problem with my lists. They’ve always been a “catch-all”, not a categorized list.

Naturally, no, I don’t have my groceries on the same list as my bills but this helped me understand how to break apart my to-do list. There are things to do today, some tomorrow, some personal and some professional. But when things come up I was expecting my brain to remember them. Now that I have kids that’s no longer something I can count on.

I’ve mostly gone through life “discovering” different goals as I went along. It has led me down avenues that maybe I didn’t have to go down. It has also led me to forget important things that I definitely should not have. This equals time wasted that could have gotten me closer to my goal.

This is because of a lack of focus on what will truly propel me to the next step.

For example, social media. While it is imperative to maintain a positive and active social media presence in my business, I do sometimes waste too much time on certain areas that aren’t as fruitful as others. The tips given in this ultimate goal guide have already led to more positive outcomes for my goals in social media in a much shorter period of time.

Furthermore, having a clear goal and destination is something I have wavered in. I understand what I am trying to accomplish but I do know that if someone was on the outside looking in, they might need clarification.

This is counterproductive to my goal though! And the two previously mentioned go hand-in-hand. I need to have a clear definition of where I’m going so that it translates into HOW I am active on social media so that I am attracting the right people to me for my business. Get it?

This ultimate goal guide literally walks you through making these goals.

Like homework or guided practice, this ultimate goal guide helps you make your goals and the steps needed to achieve them. That’s the best part! Someone like me needs my hand held through this because I literally did not get it. Debra bridged the gap between having a goal and the steps to achieving it.


For you list makers, it makes sense. My husband always called me scrambled eggs because that’s what my brain is like. I start telling stories in the middle of them, go back to the beginning, follow a tangent and forget what I was saying until an hour later when I pick up where I left off like we’re still having that conversation. That’s why I always preferred writing.

My husband lives for lists. He lists everything in the notes on his phone. They are categorized, like alphabetized and whatever else. For me, I put stuff in one place, that’s also overflowing into another place, that also has irrelevant information now. My husband is much better at goals than I am too.

This is true of my home, my phone, and everything else. With Debra’s help, I just may be able to finally declutter and stay uncluttered! For the first time in my life! Because I understand the a, b, c’s of how to get there!

I understand how to get from a to b.

I finally understand how to get from a to b now because of the abundance of examples Debra uses. The analogies for the different ways goals can be made and how they can be accomplished was lifesaving. She has a knack for explaining it that is uncanny!

You might think that since I was capable of achieving my goals I did not need a guide. I am here to tell you that that is not true at all. This ultimate goal guide facilitated the speed at which I am capable of achieving my goals which is incredible!

I truly feel like now I am armed with all of the tools necessary to do anything I set my mind to! If you’re anything like me, you need to read this today! Thank you, Debra, for saving me tons of time in life because now I won’t have to keep fumbling around and wondering what I am doing today. Read more about Debra and her other books!


12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Goal Guide You Need In Your Life”

  1. This is great Shea! I think it’s important to have a guide for reaching your goals. I think we always want to believe we have it handled but when it comes right down to it, we all need a bit of guidance. I know this is true for me…especially with decluttering. haha

  2. What a great goal guide! I am like you in that I need to write things down and since finishing “Girl Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis, I have realized more than ever that you need goals in your life and you need to write them down!
    Good Job!

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Yes Rachel Hollis is amazing but I didn’t listen to writing things down until now haha!

  3. I really appreciate reading your version of redefining list making! I have written about it from a facilitator perspective and I liked reading your angle on the same topic, great piece!

  4. Thanks, Shea, for your beautiful endorsement of Your Goal Guide. I am thrilled you found it so helpful.

    Thrilled we got to speak last week, too.

    Take care and best of luck with your goals!

    1. It was my pleasure! Your Goal Guide is phenomenal and a testament to your true calling in life. Looking forward to seeing all of your other works! All the best to you as well!

  5. This sounds like a really resourceful guide! I’m definitely a perfectionist and LOVE lists but feel like there’s still info to gain about it! Thanks for sharing

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