Are You Using TikTok for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Read This, You Will Be Glad!

TikTok has been all the buzz in the social media world. If you’re wondering if you should start utilizing it in your social media marketing strategy, the short answer is yes!

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TikTok, isn’t it for young kids and everyone is dancing? Sort of, yes. But it’s also filled with other people not dancing but providing tons of entertainment and free value! But before we get there I’ll address a few things.

While I know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and my primary focus is mental health, it was taking a toll on my mental health (haha). I was feeling a bit repetitive and itching to get to business! But please know this is in addition to my usual education surrounding mastering your mindset. And since TikTok is such a fun platform I can’t think of a better way to kick off a business run!

Would TikTok work with the business you are in?

Yes, yes and yes! TikTok is full of all different walks of life providing value to their audiences in a unique setting. Where YouTube videos are still great for tons of information, TikTok allows you to serve condensed information in a fun setting. If you are in any of the internet types of businesses this is a great platform to showcase what you offer in an educational way!

Consider my blog, weekly I do one TikTok video that usually consists of serving up my blog post of the week in 15 seconds. Is there more value in the article? Of course! But I can drive the traffic from TikTok to my page!

Do you have a traditional business? Use restaurants for example, what are the special of the week? How can you break that down to have fun with it? Come join us this week for a salad special that has this many vitamins, protein, and a salad dressing that offers antioxidants! Or a landscaper can highlight the benefits of having lavender near your bedroom window. The possibilities are endless!

Why TikTok?

What is it about the platform that makes me suggest it? There is something unique about the algorithm and the way that it works. Not only are there 689 million users on the platform but the algorithm will continue to push out your videos to users as long as people are continuing to enjoy it!

So what is unique about that? Isn’t it like Instagram or YouTube? Yes and no. According to Oberlo, on average users of TikTok are typically on the platform for 52 minutes! That’s amazing! And the difference is, that not everyone is actively using it to promote themselves. What that means for you, is that it’s not overly saturated (yet).

Do other social media platforms work?

Of course! According to your businesses specific demographics, other platform may work better even! But there is somethin

g you can’t deny about how TikTok sends your video out to millions of users! And the best part is you can use your TikTok video as an Instagram Reel and reach even more people!

In my personal experience I have had less success with TikTok so far but I also understand that my videos appeal to a smaller audience. Mostly because I’m still figuring out the platform and secondly because I’m not quite there to deliver it in a super fun way. Where my videos average 100 views on TikTok, those same videos being used on Instagram are reaching on average over a thousand people.

Think about that! Even one hundred more eyes on you and your business can make a huge difference! Especially if you are a blogger, in direct sales, or a traditional small business.

If you are creative it might be the best for you!

Creativity in visual form is not my forte. I can write all day but I cannot quite get images in my head to work in a visually pleasing manner. While I’ve gotten better, video is king in the current social media climate. And if you are not using social media to market your business you are definitely missing out! And TikTok is all video!

I heard recently that writing is 100 words where video is 1 million, or something like that. But think about it, There are some people I follow that put out a video a day and it feels like they are everywhere! But they’re not! They throw up one 15 minute video a day and then go about their business, maybe send out an email. But day after day of that they feel like they are all over!

Whereas if I were to write a blog post a day, you probably wouldn’t read it. You might glance at it but people prefer to watch more than read anymore because it’s less time consuming maybe, or just takes less concentration. But with TikTok you can create your own reality television kind of show! Provide tons of value to your audience and watch your numbers start to soar!

What do you think? Will you use TikTok for your marketing now? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. Tik tok is definitely a great choice for creative people! I’m still working on getting views on my tik tok page, but I hope eventually it will drive at least some traffic to my blog! Visual media is everything. Like you said, an audience might be more inspired to view visual media than read.

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