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Top 10 Tips To Rock Digital Marketing And Be More Productive

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, tech is here to stay so no matter what business you’re in you might as well learn a few things!

So I got started in the digital world of marketing your business primarily when I had my kids. I won’t go super into it, but I was working a dead-end job that was trying every angle possible to get me to quit. I’m stubborn though, so when they eventually laid me off, I had my 8-month-old son and I was already about 2 months pregnant at the time. Great huh? You can read more about me if you’d like.

The problem was, I’d spent my entire career up until this point in the food and beverage industry! If you’re not accustomed to the life, you basically have no life. So I had little to no friends outside of work because I spent all of my time at work and the hours are the worst. You’re usually working when everyone else is having fun! But again, I’m not a quitter, so I’ll share with you what I’ve learned that has helped me with digital marketing, so you don’t have to spend months learning what I have!

Digital Marketing as a concept.

First, understand a little about it. Again, I was not like everyone else. I worked at night, I’d get out late and stay out later, wake up late, and basically my whole life was work. I worked about 40 plus hours a week from 16-17 years old on until I was laid off at 26. Sure, I took a few breaks but in general I had no life outside of work.

Apparently, a lot more people have a life outside of work and sleep, and they spend a ton of it online. Previously I had little use for Facebook and Instagram because what was I going to share? Me at work with my other coworkers who I hung out with all the time?

The lesson here is that there are specific times that people are more active on these platforms than others! So you want to where they are when they are there. If this is the first you’re hearing of this then reference my articles on attraction marketing and starting your own business because that will help clarify who you want to target, why, and this will help with how!

Top 10 Tips

  • People are active on social media at different times on different platforms. There are quite a few different social media scheduling tools that can help you identify when people are most active on the platform of your choosing. Some have free demos or free options and some are paid. My favorite is Tailwind but it is paid.
    • Tailwind
    • Later
    • Planoly
    • Coschedule
  • Use professional photos! If you don’t have a professional to take them for you, most smartphones have great cameras. There are apps that can help too!
    • Picsart was great for removing the background of my pictures and perfecting my appearance like whitening my teeth more and removing certain blemishes. There is a free demo but it is a paid app.
    • Canva is where you can create your graphics for whatever it is that you do. I use it for Instagram creating quotes, making Pinterest Pins, graphics for my blog. It has a ton more capabilities than just that, but those are great! It has a free option and a paid plan.
  • Create branding!
    • Create a tagline, have the same photo for all of your social media platforms, use two-three different colors and fonts to create a theme. Use Canva for this and you can look at color schemes on Pinterest for ideas just type it in the search box.
  • The Right Hashtags!
  • The right hashtags will go a long way to get your perfect audience with digital marketing. Don’t overthink this! Just remember who you are and who you want to appeal to. Look for hashtags that have a lot of people using them but not too many! If you use Tailwind it will be bright green if it will get you extra exposure, light green for decent, yellow for difficult, and gray for not really.
    • THEN! Copy them and save them in your keyboards as a text replacement so you don’t have to search them all the time! Switch them up as necessary but you can add up to 30 hashtags.
    • Hashtags are like tags on YouTube if you use that as well, tags for your blog, they’re used on every social media platform to my knowledge, with Instagram being the most Hashtag forward.
  • Engagement!
    • It took me too long to understand engagement posts and etc. While I’m still not perfect, I try! Digital marketing is all about how to get your audience to think that you’re just awesome and they want to buy from you, just about whatever it is that you’re selling. Engagement is what will get the most eyes on you and consequently your product, service, or opportunity.
    • Keep engagement posts light, fun, and catchy! Make people want to respond, even if what you’re saying has nothing to do with what your business is. It takes about 8-12 times for someone to buy from you regularly, but with clear marketing and a brand, it’s only 5-10!
  • Trello!!!
    • While Trello is an app, I highly recommend it! For everything from your daily operations in your business, to important things in your life, you need Trello!
    • Specifically for lead follow-up and keeping track, Trello is perfect!!!
  • Go Live!
    • Going live is going to increase engagement and allow people to get to know you and what you’re about. If you’re nervous, don’t worry about being perfect and check out my tips for going live for more information.
  • Have 5 things you talk about regularly.
    • This is so that your audience knows what they’re getting from you and why. This is very important for bloggers because you want to have your audience clearly defined.
    • For myself I talk about lifestyle. My lifestyle is working from home with kids, healthy living, travel, business, and personal development.
    • There can and will be subcategories within your 5 main categories and that’s fine! Digital marketing is just finding your group of people out of the masses.
  • Don’t overthink things!
    • Don’t overcomplicate them either. You can get a ton of training on using the right words and how to create graphics that convert but you just are really in the making friends business. People that are fans of yours and like what you have to say or offer.
  • Be you!
    • People relate to people. Don’t become someone you aren’t just for the sake of gaining an audience. It won’t be authentic and people will figure that out and it wouldn’t be fair to you or them!
  • Consistency is key!
    • Think of the big box retailers, how often do you see their commercials, emails, and so on before you go buy whatever they’re selling? Rarely do you see it once. Same idea here! Not only is it for selling but also for showing up. You wouldn’t want to follow someone or buy from someone that you see today and then they’re nowhere to be found for weeks.

Stick To It!

It’s fine to switch a few things up from time to time, change a font here, create a new tagline, change your profile picture! This is your business! It will inevitably grow and change with you as you grow and change! Just don’t give up, keep learning and keep striving to make your dreams come true because you are worthy of them!

Also, remember to breathe and take a break when necessary. You’re no good to you, your loved ones, or your business when you’re burnt out. Personally listening to guided meditations and working out helps tremendously to keep me content, I recommend that you do something healthy too!

If you need any extra help feel free to reach out to me! Looking forward to meeting you!

If you’re ready to learn more, check out my Attraction Marketing 101 Course where I go in-depth on all of these topics and really get clarity on where you want to head in your business and how to do it!


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