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Top 5 Book Genres That Make The Most Money

Thinking about writing a book? These book genres will make you the most money!

When I made the decision to try my hand (pun intended) at writing my first book it wasn’t even a question of what I was going to write. Of course, with mindset being one of my main focuses I considered self-help books, but the words refused to form.

And then I remembered that I loved the morals in all of the books that I read that were fantasy, romance, dystopian, and I knew I had my answer. That is when Fireflies, my Celtic Romance Series book one was born!

It just so happens that romance is the most profitable book genre! But if romance isn’t your jam, here is a list of other genres below!

Book Genres in Order of Profitability

So just because there are more books sold in one book genre doesn’t mean that it is more profitable. Some of that depends on the cost of the books and the format that it comes in.

  1. Romance/Erotica $1.44 Billion
  2. Crime/Mystery $782.7 Million
  3. Religious/Inspirational $720 Million
  4. Science Fiction/Fantasy $590.2 Million
  5. Horror $79.6 Million

Stats from proactivereader.com

Romance readers are known to be prolific readers, meaning they devour more books than any other category of book readers. Where romance readers do stray out of that book genre from time to time, they’re known to be less picky about established authors.

This is mostly due to their love for books! So for first-time authors aiming for one of these book genres is not a bad idea! Like myself, not only am I an avid romance reader, but I am not also a romance author, and I can attest to its profitability.

Undecided about what kind of book you want to write?

Or maybe not as strong of a writer as you wish you were? You can always hire someone to write your book for you! Ghostwriters can take your idea and make it a reality for a sum.

Either way, books are a phenomenal source of passive income if you know what you’re doing and have the wherewithal to make it happen. They can also lend your brand credibility and increase your authority in your niche.

So what book genre are you going to write in?

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20 thoughts on “Top 5 Book Genres That Make The Most Money”

  1. This is interesting to know, I don’t think I could have guessed what the top genres were going to be but actually it makes a lot of sense. I would love to write a book too one day – good luck with yours!

  2. 3 through 5 are my favorite genre of books to read. Never thought of writing a book. I don’t think I am a great writer, but I can write a very good paper for school related assignments. But here i am a blogger. 🤔 lol.

  3. I will definitely be keeping this one in my back pocket incase I ever want to write a book! I also adore the pun in the being, definitely the best way to get me to keep reading trying to find more 😅

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