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Top 5 Tips to Have a Happy Morning Routine

A morning routine you can manage no matter how busy you get!

If you are anything like me, you are not a morning person. Before kids my morning routine was only rolling out of bed in time for coffee and a shower and to sprint to wherever I needed to go. Now that I have kids it looks similar, only I’ve made a few modifications.

Starting your day frantic and frenzied like that really puts a damper on the whole day. Which is something that I always knew, but never cared enough to change. Without fail, I was always stressed out, frustrated, and depressed. Not all of that was due to a bad morning routine, but developing a healthy one helped a ton!

Give yourself extra time.

This is something that my husband always does, but I never managed. Giving yourself a little time in the morning just for you is so important! Filling that time with an activity that sets you up for your day is even better!

My husband likes to start his day checking out different sports stats that may have happened while we slept, sports are his thing. I prefer to sit and read a book of my choosing while I drink my coffee and slowly wake up.

You might be thinking that you go in way too early for that! And I get it! Once upon a time I was supposed to be at work by 6 AM, even after I had my son. I thought it was insane to get up any earlier than absolutely necessary. Until I started getting into the worst moods. When I incorporated a little time just for me into my morning routine my whole family benefitted!

Listen to or read something for inspiration.

How do you want your day to go? Starting your morning routine with reading something inspirational, or listening to something inspirational, is huge to your day’s success! Whether it’s reading a personal development book or listening to one as an audiobook while you get ready, squeezing something in helps set the positive intention for the day.

The laws of attraction start working in your favor right from the beginning of the day because you’re setting yourself up for gratitude. I also like to read my horoscope and read daily affirmations not only during my morning routine but continuously throughout the day.

Start your morning routine with something productive.

While reading a book or a daily affirmation is good to start the positive momentum, something productive instantly gratifies you. I’m sure your mom would have liked it if you made your bed every morning, right? There’s a method to the madness!

Starting your day with something productive like making your bed creates a flow of productivity! The reasoning is because when you do something simple first thing in the morning, no matter what, you can say you had a productive day. While that one act may not be much, it may lead into other productive things later in the day.

Getting those happy brain chemicals as soon as you wake up makes you actively seek more. The more productive things you do, the more happy chemicals! Something like caring for houseplants is also a great way to start the day.

Drink a glass of water!

This was something I never managed to do either. Once my eyes pop open, the only thing I cared about was coffee. Give me coffee first thing in the morning or suffer the consequences!

But your body doesn’t need coffee, no matter how much it’s addicted to it. Your body does need water though! Starting your morning routine off with water is a way to kickstart your metabolism, rehydrate, and get your body and brain functions started right up. And a happy body and happy brain means a happy you!

Workout during your morning routine.

Just like the water, working out in the morning kickstarts your body and brain, as well as releasing all those happy chemicals! It doesn’t have to be a crazy workout, and you don’t have to go to the gym. There are plenty of workouts to do at home!

This goes in line with the law of attraction. All of that positivity from the happy brain chemicals being released will start your day off on the right foot, and continue to attract positive energy to you. Think about it, how many times have you gone to work in a good mood, only to have it ruined by a negative coworker? You might be the negative coworker!

While I don’t go to work anymore, my kids pick up on my vibes. Your spouse does, your dog, and so does the universe! When you start putting out the positivity, the universe will give it right back to you!

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