My Top Tips for Going Live

‘Going Live’ has become almost essential for any home based business, here are my top tips for you!

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I got started in my home business so I could do exactly that, stay home! But I didn’t realize what a disadvantage I was at since I’m so shy! The more I learned about the industry (network marketing and blogging) the more I saw that both of them required you to be a lot braver than I thought if you want to ‘make it’. SO without further ado, here are my top tips for going live for you!

  • Just do it!

Going live does not get easier the more you think about it trust me. Is your hair a mess and you have no makeup on? Who cares!? Listen unless your goal is to be THE makeup and hair guru, it’s ok. There are filters for a reason nowadays.

  • Start with announcing yourself.

You’re the bomb! So act like it! Start with who you are, do you have any credentials? Do you have goals? Let your audience hear from your mouth who you are, what you want, and how you plan on getting it!

  • Don’t give yourself away!

When going live give them just enough to be satisfied but not enough that they don’t need you anymore! You have to keep them interested and craving more! Everyone loves a good cliffhanger, and a prequel, sequel, etc.

  • Leave that cliffhanger aka “Call to Action”

You want them to do something right? You have a home business and you want them to DO something after watching your video! So leave them with a reason to!

The general ‘body’ of going live consists of a catchy title, introducing yourself, the information you want to give them, and finishing with a good cliffhanging call to action!

For an example, when going live I typically leave a title that is intended to stop them for whatever reason, one was ‘Synchronized Bunny’ if I’m not mistaken. Why? Because everyone’s like wait, huh? Like a bunny who is also a synchronized swimmer? It’s not that but it was that I saw so many bunnies I thought it was a sign from the universe, so the title wasn’t wrong but it was catchy. You can find that video on my Instagram.

Then I go into why I saw so many bunnies, what they mean when I looked them up and I finished with how you can read more about what my horoscope means to me (I think) because that was the “Call to Action” that I desired from going live.

Oh yea, another tip is if you’re terrified, DO NOT watch the replay. I repeat, DO NOT WATCH YOURSELF ON CAMERA IF YOU CAN AVOID IT.

This is for people like me who would immediately stop going live if they saw what they looked like when they did it. Therefore, I try to be as efficient in my lives as possible so that I do not stutter too much or say ‘um’ a million times. I might anyway for all I know though.

That leads me to my final tip which is to practice, and try to be perfect on your first go-around so you don’t have to start over. Also, smile for the opening so you can save it as your main picture if you’re saving it as a YouTube video or IGTV.

This is true also for YouTube or other things too. For myself, I made videos and if they came out well, great, if they didn’t I would re-record. Not edit and keep trying to make it perfect. This doubles as practice and just getting over the fear in general!

If there is a way to disable ‘seeing’ who is watching you while you’re going live please leave the instructions in the comments! That’s one that will stop me up every time! Kidding (kind of) because it is perfect to interact with your audience in real time…that’s the whole point!

There you have it! Those are just some of my tips, for more you have to find me on Facebook, like my page and join my group Be Authentic with Shea for more!

I hope you enjoyed these today, if you’re thinking of a home business but aren’t sure yet you can take my Home Business Quiz to see what would be your best fit!

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P.P.S. go watch my very first YouTube video so you can see how awful it was and how much I’ve improved!


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