My 5 Top Tips for Manifestation

Manifestation is how to achieve the life of your dreams. It sounds so easy. If you can dream it, you can do it. But can you?

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I’ve been in this space for either forever or only very recently. I guess it depends on your stance. Manifestation for me has been an interesting journey.

Are you on the path to enlightenment only when you make the decision to go all-in? Or do you begin that journey when it’s only a seed, buried in the dirt, begging to get to the light?

First what is manifestation?

In a nutshell, manifestation is calling your shot. It’s telling the universe this is where I want to go and the universe moves mountains to get you there. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

The main problem I personally have with manifestation is that if it’s meant to be yours, won’t it be anyway? Calling your shot, I mean how much do you have to mean it to get it? Is it like imagining winning the lottery and you magically will? Because I think there would be a lot more lottery winners in my opinion if that’s the case.

Maybe it’s more like a goal. You may have found the destination that you’d like to head so you move heaven and earth to get to that goal. Doors don’t magically open, you just keep knocking until one does.

I like to think it’s a bit of both. Personally, I was not blessed to know my destination. My brother, bless him, was a fireman. Always a fireman. He was 14 when he signed up to be a volunteer (you don’t go to fires you just get education and you help around the firehouse) and today he is a paid fireman. Don’t tell him I said so, but I’ve always been jealous.

I’m jealous because I wouldn’t have even known what manifestation destination was for me.

I went to school to be a teacher. Then I changed my major to psychology. For a while I thought I could be a high school guidance counselor.

It’s not necessarily a lack of direction or a lack of focus it’s a multitude of passions and a dislike for authority. Never did I ever like being told what to do or how to do it, never mind when to do it. If I had free choice on at least one of the above it was slightly less abrasive.

I always struggled with fitting in (and a number of other thing) but I always knew there was more. There was more to the universe, more to life, more than what anyone would tell me.

You have to believe there is more.

Maybe not aliens and ghosts, or werewolves and vampires. I might, but you don’t have to.

No, just a belief that there is something more than just you or I. A higher power, the universe, God, any of the above, all of them.

I think the key to manifesting a destiny that’s meant for you, is trusting in something other than yourself. Believing with your whole soul (that we’re assuming you have) that you are being divinely guided.

Whether it’s just a gut instinct, your intuition, just something that is more than you. That you don’t know it all. Because ultimately, it’s fine to knock on doors from now until doomsday but unless you believe that you’re meant to be knock knock knocking away how can you stay motivated? Why are you wasting your time if it’s all for nothing?

Objects amplify manifestation.

Maybe not even an object but something. Anything that will signify a signal or a sign, something that you can attach significance to.

You may be wondering why 13 is associated with everything I do. It’s a bit of an odd story but one that my mothers side is very attached to. Legend goes that my great great grandmother had a connection to St. Anthony. She was born on the 13th and passed on the 13th. When she was alive whenever neighbors lost items they would ask her to pray to St. Anthony to find the lost item and they always did. If you don’t know, St. Anthony is the saint of miracles and lost things and his rosary bead number is 13.

If you have been following me for some time, you’ll know I was lost for a while. Maybe I still am for all I know, but my husband and I are both in recovery. The number 13 was always a guiding force for me in my life and the more that I realized this then I would ask more. In my prayers or in my thoughts I’d say, “alright show me a sign! 13 is good but something to tell me to go ahead or not to.” It’s usually the number 13.

The thing about signs though is that you have to interpret them. And well, the universe, God, whoever has a sense of humor for sure. So take the signs with a grain of salt but I always supposed it to be like ‘yea, it’ll be ok when it’s ok’ but it’s a green light nonetheless.

Signs though are like relics. I’d never heard it before my in-laws but when they were trying to sell their house they buried a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the garden. This is supposed to sell your house.

All of this may be hullabaloo or it might just be directing your thoughts in a way that will get you to where you want to go. Seeing the number 13 might just be because I’m looking for it. Like see how many green Kia Souls you see now that I mentioned it. Burying a statue might just be busy work, your house is probably going to sell regardless. Crystals may just be the placebo effect in full swing. But there might just be something to it.

You have to believe in your destination!

Manifestation is like the Norse God Loki. You will get played. In order to truly get what you want, you gotta get with what you want.

My husband and I have been looking at houses ourselves, so I keep picking houses and telling him to imagine that house specifically. But if I imagine that house and don’t imagine that it is also completely while and intact, watch we’ll get the house but random things will keep falling apart for no reason.

Seriously. Don’t take this lightly. If you want exactly what manifestation you have in your head, imagine all of it. What does the key look like? Is the door white, wood, something else?

I think in a sense this is merely you trying to figure out what it is that you want and then your brain will focus on what you want and ignore the rest. Like how the other night my husband goes get the juice for me please and I got a new one because it wasn’t where it belongs in the fridge. My brain didn’t recognize the just opened one because it only looked in the location it always is and ignored the test.

So if you want a dream house, but forget to imagine your family happy and healthy with you, you might get your house but not your family. It’s another way of saying be careful what you wish for.

Eliminate blocks.

This is the hardest one but it’s the pinnacle of importance. Let’s say you have the dream and vision, you have the tools, you believe in more, but you don’t believe in yourself.

You go back to knocking on doors but if in your head you can’t knock on one more door. You’ll stop. Maybe you believe you don’t have the right stuff to knock on doors and you can’t seem to find how to get the stuff.

Like a secret sauce that other people have that you just can’t crack the code to. You’re knocking on doors but there’s some secret combination of knocks that you haven’t figured out. Higher power or not, they’re not going to just tell you how to do it and you get frustrated and give up.

Eliminating blocks can be as simple as doing something with your hair to look and feel more polished. It’s putting on a cute outfit to feel more ‘upbeat’ when you don’t think you’re the upbeat type. You can play at getting to the next level if you think that you can.

However, eliminating blocks can be as difficult as long-believed childhood fears and doubts. Struggling with imposter syndrome can be a sign of believing you’re not worthy of your dreams.


Don’t take life so seriously. It is your only go-around but taking it so seriously can be counterproductive. Meditation doesn’t have to be in criss-cross applesauce style saying ‘ohmmm’ unless that’s what works for you.

Prayer is meditation. It’s taking the time to thank the universe for what you have and ask for guidance on how to get what you want next.

Hugging and kissing your children is meditation and medication as well as manifestation. For me, they’re my everything so when I need a dose of “push through you’ll find a way” I go snuggle one of them. My dogs have been that too, and of course my husband, and when I had none of the above it was books and shows that transported me to a reality that I wanted to be in.

It’s An Attitude of Gratitude that will carry you through. No matter where you are and where you want to go, be happy. Be happy with what you have while you have it because that is the key to manifestation is those feelings of joy magnified.

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Wherever you are, wherever you want to go. Keep going. You owe it to your future self and your future loved ones to give it all you got. When it’s all said and done, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

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  1. Absolutely wonderful advice and perspective. LOVED the part about how hugging and kissing your children is meditation and medication as well as manifestation. It warmed my heart!! Can’t wait to read more content. <3

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