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Weight Loss Tips-How Two Weeks On A Weight Loss Program Gave Me Back My Abs and My Time

Weight loss tips from one mama to another.

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So I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I really needed help with weight loss. I was already at a pretty comfortable weight post-baby and we work out every day.

That’s not to brag, that’s to tell you that this did more than just lose weight for me. It gained back my time, and it gave me back my abs!

Being at a comfortable weight post-baby doesn’t mean everything was perfect.

And it shouldn’t be! Your body just went through the coolest thing it can do, create another human. So no matter where you’re at in your journey post-baby, celebrate your body and what it can do!

I just happen to be one of those people that are muscle-prone. It wasn’t something that was celebrated growing up, that I’m now grateful for.

My postpartum body was actually after a double dose of babies, my two kids are 13 months apart. That my body bounced back at all was pretty cool to me, but of course, my belly was stubborn. I honestly thought that it was just always going to look like that. Happily I was wrong!

Weight Loss Tip Number One

I basically just went into that, but be patient with yourself. Find your groove. Some things work for some people and not for others so find your things.

I know that lately there’s a bunch of fitness coaches online across a number of different platforms and styles. There’s the yoga route, weight lifting and training, cardio, so on and so forth. Find which one works for you.

But it’s not enough just to work out. Personally I use a free app that guides me through the workout that basically consists of targeting the different muscle groups.

There’s ab days, leg days, and arm days. And the app targets different muscle groups with different workouts like pushups and sit-ups. I don’t currently use any weights but you could. I probably will soon just because I think my body is ready for it now.

Number Two.

Find a good healthy diet plan. What worked amazingly well for me was a plan called Personal Trainer Food.

What the program does is that it is a bunch of delicious food delivered to your house that you throw in the microwave and enjoy! No counting calories, no going crazy preparing anything, heat it and eat it!.

This program keeps your body in fat-burning mode. It’s packed full of protein and it’s real food! Like seriously delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that have so much flavor you would think you just cooked it yourself. If you’re a good cook, I guess, haha.

So on that program, we got breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are a ton more options though, so I encourage you to check it all out for yourself. But eating right is only half of it!

It saved me so much time!

It’s one thing to eat right and it’s another thing to exercise. But having a program that allows you to do BOTH is amazing!

Think about it, how much time do you spend working out? I would say that I spend about 20 minutes a day working out. We work out from home solely now, so it’s a flat 20 minutes, which is great!

When we went to the gym though, we would drive 15 minutes there, work out a half-hour, drive 15 minutes home, and miscellaneous stuff in between. Meaning that if we hit all green lights, didn’t change, or meet any obstacles, an hour is the best time we could expect for working out. So, for weight loss tips, invest in a home workout.

Nowadays, I don’t see how we have time for that! With two little kids you’re busy. All day, every day, busy. Unless you have a nanny. Which we don’t. And I work from home!

Being able to have that hour cut to 20 minutes for working out is amazing. Saving time at the grocery store buying a bunch of meals and wasting time trying to look up recipes for what’s on sale this week, is like heaven. AND saving time cooking those meals is beyond anything I could have imagined!

Just throwing stuff in the microwave when we’re hungry, it’s healthy, and it’s helping us lose weight! It’s honestly the best thing ever to me. And so delicious!

Weight Loss Tip Number Three.

Saving time means you have time for a little more. A little more time to go for a walk, a little more time to do a few more sit-ups, a little more time to play with your kids!

I’m all about my kids. Everything I do is for my kids. I don’t necessarily want to work out every day. But I do it for my kids! Because they deserve a mama that is happy and healthy and whole.

Wholly there with them and present as much as possible. A mama with so much energy to go for a walk every single day with both kids. One that is always in the mood for tickle fights when one of them is in a silly mood. Weight loss tips are great but action is best.

Number Four.

Why do you want to lose weight? If you have a good enough motivator, there is nothing you can’t do! Just keep going, keep pushing, dig deep and remember why you started! Weight loss tips are useless without action!

There is nothing you can’t do if you’re motivated! But remember to take it easy on yourself too. Life is short so please try to enjoy it.

I didn’t get these weight loss meals so that I could get my abs back. Although, I don’t hate it! I never really had abs anyway.

No, I did it for my kids. Being healthy is so important to everything in life. Eating the right food gives your body and brain the chemicals and nourishment it needs to perform its best.

Number 5.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make! Personal Trainer Food was a phenomenal investment for myself and my family and is one of my best weight loss tips. It wasn’t even an expensive one but it takes you to make the initial investment and the rewards you will reap once you do are unlimited.

Don’t be afraid to put some time and energy into making yourself happier and healthier. You deserve to live the life you dream about.

And don’t be afraid to make the commitment to yourself. You teach you that you’re dependable or not. So go into your weight loss journey with that in mind. Teach yourself that you can do it and you will!

I hope that you find yourself to be everything you thought you were and more. And I hope you find your abs, even if you didn’t know you were looking for them.


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