What Being A ‘Stay-at-home’ Mom Really Looks Like.

You stay at home so it’s sunshine and rainbows right?

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My husband sometimes gets mad at me because he thinks that I didn’t tidy up today. Whenever he has our son alone he tidies up.

He doesn’t know I did. 25 times.

And he’s not really mad, he just can’t understand, his mom watched 6 kids and kept a neater home than me. My mother-in-law absolutely did and I give her all the credit in the world, but I’m not her.

Not only am I not her, I don’t make a living watching kids, and that makes all the difference in the world. See, being in a Direct Sales company is entirely different than watching kids from home. Being a stay at home mom means something entirely different for me.

When I’m not feeding this little heathen that runs around tearing the house apart or cleaning up his messes, I’m hustling.

It’s always, what to post next? Who to reach out to next? Who do I have to follow up with? What are we eating for dinner anyway? Did I take anything out of the freezer? Did I eat anything today? And most of that happens in the 2-3 hours that my son is asleep. Because when he’s awake, there’s no chance to do anything else. I hear him now in fact and I’m going to have to save this to get back to it another day if at all possible.

Because there’s dishes. There’s bills. Vacuuming and dusting. Groceries and cooking.

Stay at home mom.
Stay at home mom.

I always think I should be more ahead of where I am in my Direct Sales company, but then I remember that I do work all day every day, it’s just not always as obvious.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and I sometimes forget that while some people are content treating their Direct Sales businesses as additional income and a ‘side-hustle’ I’m over here making it my main hustle.

I forget sometimes that entrepreneurs are as much life-time learners as they are in charge of their own lives. One doesn’t come without the other, not unless daddy was really rich I suppose.

I have about 400 emails right now in my inbox that I’d still like to get to some day. But every day I need to do what I can do to get to the next thing and right now all of those emails are waiting for me for when I “level-up”.

I understand now how to market myself, I understand what people want to see on social media, I know what social media strategies work for different platforms, I track what different posts bring to the table.

I’m not working on a side hustle. I’m working on building an empire. Because it’s not enough to me to ‘work for a living’. I want my life to work for me.

A very wise man in a book I read talks a lot about how the most successful people make money work for them and that is exactly what I am trying to do. I’ve got it all figured out it’s just going to take time.

And time takes time.

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