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What I’ve Learned from Direct Sales

Direct Sales: What I love (and what I don’t) about it.

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I got started because I said, wait, it’s only about how hard you work for it? Meaning, I can give myself bigger paychecks than I ever dared to dream of working full time as a manager? Well, that’s kind of true, read about why I started blogging and how it connects with direct sales.

What I love about direct sales.

For starters, I love the company I am with! I think the products are amazing and I’ve never found anything that works as well as these do. Especially, I enjoy the cost at which I am able to get them, being in the company.

The community! In my life, I never had a large group of friends. Always friendly with everyone, but very few close friends. Since joining my company I can proudly say that I have amazing men and women who genuinely have my back! I know that the general stereotype of a direct sales individual is bubbly and sometimes pushy but I’ve never met a nicer group of people that really only want more out of life. More for their children and their families, that’s ultimately why most people join!

What surprised me about direct sales.

I’m not as confident as I thought I was. When I got started in my company like, hey, I know how to work that’s no problem. Only it’s not like ‘work’ at least not at first. Approaching customers that walked into my restaurant was nothing like chatting with strangers at the mall. I had a persona for work that did not translate into this new life. The confidence I thought I had was as thin as the smile I plastered on my face thinking that’s how I needed to behave.

Also giving freebies at work, out of my own pocket, was different than in my own business. I feel like I became Scrooge, counting every penny of every sample I handed out and every plastic bag that I handed them out in. At my previous jobs, I knew that the soda or coffee I paid for for a customer was minimal. I was still going to leave with money in my pocket. In direct sales that surety wasn’t there and it was a hindrance to my ability.

However, I’m not a quitter.

Never was, never will be. Sometimes people misunderstand strategically pivoting for quitting too. I know many people don’t understand what I am doing but they also haven’t studied the industry like I have.

See, I love to work. That is entirely true. Working for myself has been the most rewarding professional journey I’ve ever set out on. Previously I always thought that it was my fault that I hated my job. I just hated having bosses it turns out.

So, while challenging, I am so up for the challenge in direct sales.

There are absolutely those moments that I’ve had enough. Because there are times that it feels like triple the work for one paycheck. But being able to do all of that work while I hold my children in my arms, in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, it’s so worth it.

That’s all I wanted at the end of the day. More time, time to hold my kids and watch them grow up and become awesome little humans. The ability to say to my husband why don’t we just watch a movie right now while the kids are asleep and work later.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, it buys options. I just want to be able to say no, I can’t do that that day because my family needs me, instead of being scheduled to work that day anyway and having a boss tell me ‘too bad’. I also would like a brand new car and a big house with a swimming pool, but all things in their time.

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