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What Are Daily Affirmations and How They Can Improve Your Quality of Life?

Why I read daily affirmations every day.

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When I got started on my ‘new’ life as an entrepreneur, I spent hours upon hours researching how to get rich quick basically.

Only, I didn’t have the right tools in my shed, at all. Rather, in my head.

It took more time to take inventory of what I was actually doing, what was really happening, and how I could correct those mistakes as quickly as possible. I still wanted to be rich quickly. What I discovered was that a few good daily affirmations would help keep me focused, driven, and positive.

One of the biggest problems that I had was what I was telling myself before I ever even got started. I would go out there to connect with people, make a sale, get a new team member, never believing that it could actually happen.

I was destroying my own chances before I ever got started! And the more I looked into manifesting your dreams, creating vision boards, and daily affirmations, the more I was letting myself get discouraged!

How could I ever believe in myself? I’ll never be successful, I never win anything!

But I wanted more so badly. I had to make this happen! Daily Affirmations helped me center my crazy thoughts.

The key behind daily affirmations, vision boards, manifestation is that you need to actually believe what you’re saying is true. Your subconscious will out you every time with your negative inner monologue if you aren’t being careful!

One trick that helped me better define what goals and sayings I needed to be practicing was being sure to shift the words. Instead of saying ‘I attract money to me.’ I said instead, ‘money can be easy’. My subconscious responded better to that because it was believable.

Then the more I believed it, the more I would notice it, and the less negativity I had towards it!

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