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Why Romance Books Are the Best (For Your Business Not Just Because I Love Them)

Hint: There are many different kinds of romance books and lots of readers!

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When I first got involved in entrepreneurship I was blown away at the possibilities. I mean even now that I’m in it, I’m consistently surprised at the multitude of ways, places, and means to make a business. It’s fascinating.

But there are a few things all businesses need. You need something that will make you money, a product, service, or opportunity. And you need customers!

Romance Books Can Help You Make Money Faster

Do you know how many people read romance books?

The core audience of regular romance readers numbers a whopping 29 million and the extended audience of those who occasionally pick up a romance novel is likely much greater. 84% of romance novel readers are women. Romance fiction buyers span all age ranges but the largest segment (41%) is between 30 and 54 years old.


In other words, there are tons of romance book readers! What does this mean for you?

It’s easier to break into!

As an author, writing romance books makes it easier to get into and make a name for yourself than any other category. With so many readers, they’re less likely to be too picky and will often pick up a ‘no-name’ book more than other categories.

That’s also because romance readers read a ton. Not only do they take up the greater majority of readers, but they also tend to read more than other kinds of readers as well.

Romance Books are the most profitable genre!

They are the most profitable genre with a whopping $1.44 Billion! Because of the reasons listed above as well as the pricing.

You can price a romance book at $0.99 which makes it available to more people. As well as being cheap enough to trick someone into thinking they’re getting a steal.

It’s a trick because people that read romance books read a bunch. So if they buy a book a week, and if you’ve got enough, you could make $4 off of one person a month. Even at 100 people, that’s a cool $400 on one of your books!

You’re instantly cool.

I mean, I wouldn’t classify myself as cool and if I tried my husband would laugh at me, but it does lend a certain je ne sais quoi. Just say it out loud, ‘I’m an author’. Now picture your high school rival and say that to them.

What I’m telling you is it adds authority. Writing romance books is great because of everything I said above, but it might not be your main money maker. And maybe it shouldn’t.

But it definitely makes you seem legit! Think of all the big names in the celebrity world, the biggest usually have written a book.

It doesn’t have to be romance books but they are great because…

There’s wiggle room with different tropes! Depending on what kind of business you have, you can adapt it to fit a certain mood you want.

Since I mostly discuss mindset and business, my romance books are all inspirational. Because that’s everything I’m about! And everything I teach, because I genuinely believe that it doesn’t matter where you came from it matters what you do with it.

And even if yours isn’t related to your other businesses, they are still a great addition to your portfolio!

Plus it’s a lot of fun!

It’s so much fun! Because life isn’t a fairytale, but in my romance books I can act like my life is, if only for a little while. Isn’t that why we read books anyway? To escape a little.

If you make writing romance books your career, you kind of get to escape and call it work. And that’s why I love it!

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  1. This is a genre that I am thinking of exploring. So far, I have only written children’s books, but I am sitting on a wealth of ideas that I plan on developing soon. It’s comforting that the market is this vast.

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